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It’s no secret that I love Dogeared. I’ve posted about the necklaces several times over the past month or so. My sister really loves Dogeared too. We just cleaned her entire room… oh brother was it a task! (I would like to mention that she feels like a whole new girl after the organization binge! I think we have a new Organize, Please columnist on the way!!!!)
I was emptying on of her drawers and (besides the vending machine tiny alien toys and Algebra II notes) found a huge stack of the Dogeared cards the necklaces come on. Seriously they’re like little gifts on their own!
Sporty Sister’s favorite Dogeared necklace is a beautiful compass charm on an extra long chain. The girl was never seen without it on. I’m pretty sure she got it before she took a trip to Spain during high school. Sadly, the necklace was lost! But it was almost a good thing (don’t tell her this) because we discovered this cool feature on the Dogeared website that we had never seen before!
You can CREATE your own necklace!
You choose the chain and add charms that mean something to you (or whomever if it’s a gift)!!! It’s even fun to just play around with and dream about what necklace you’d like!
Almost every type of charm is included in the section. You can add initials, numbers, zodiac signs, birthstones, round gems, teardrop gems, various charms, mantra, and words to live by charms!

Everything is available in gold and silver depending on your personal preference. (I love gold!!!)
See how pretty they all look! LOVE IT!
Here’s a TIP: The necklaces can get expensive very, very quickly. Adding the charms is almost too easy and you don’t realize how much money ends up in your shopping cart. To save money, skip out on the chain. If you have a Dogeared necklace already (or really any necklace) you can just buy charms and add it to your already existing chain.
Loving the video they have online!
So anyway… We got Sporty Sister a replacement compass and then I got one too…. and a long chain!
I put the compass charm on my “Favorite Place” necklace! I thought that with the coordinates it was just too cute of a combination to not do 🙂

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I hadn't heard of this feature before, but now that you've said something I really want to check it out! I was thinking about doing something like this for my sisters birthday next month!

Julia D.

I absolutely love the combination, Carly! I almost thought it was an entirely new necklace. May have to get both of them myself and do something similar, too cute not to!