J. Crew Looks I Love

Raise your hand if you struggle to figure out what to wear in the morning!
I definitely fall into ruts where my clothes seem… worn. I sometimes stand in my closet just feeling completely uninspired. I know I’m not a “fashion blogger,” per say, but just putting my outfits up on Instagram every morning holds me accountable for finding new ways to wear my clothes. (In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why I do it…. plus I like to document it for fun!)
Certain days, I find myself gravitating towards my favorite blouse and favorite pants and I end up with an outfit that I wear far too frequently. I also have pieces of clothing that I absolutely love but I either don’t really know what to wear it with or I panic and think it’s too “bold” for me to pull off. Does this happen to anyone else?
Occasionally Pinterest will inspire me to try a new color combination, but my number one go-to for fashion advice is the J. Crew “Looks We Love” feature on the website! (The crewcuts version is also great for cute outfit ideas.)
There are days when I pull open the J. Crew website while I brush my teeth so I can let outfit ideas sink in… (okay maybe that was too weird of an admission!). I get even more excited when NEW looks are added… Fresh looks, fresh ideas!
I went through and pulled my favorite looks from the current Looks We Love section. I decided to have a little fun and vectorized the images. (Hello, it is summer and I just got a new drawing tablet that I wanted to play with!)
Look #1 | I love the modern twist on this trench coat. While it’s not exactly going to work in Florida, it’s too lovely of a combo to pass without notice. Rainy days are the most difficult days to be inspired both for hairstyles and outfits. I tend to gravitate towards the same button ups, the same jeans, and the same rain boots. This is just such a chic, yet relaxed, look… no one would know that you spent approximately two minutes getting dressed and no one would notice that you opted for a messy (unbrushed) bun.
Look #2 | Black and yellow seem like the scariest combination on earth. Until you see it on J. Crew and you think, “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that!” Pairing the insanely bright pants and the just-bold-enough black tunic with neutral accessories seems to work perfectly. Who would have guessed it?

Look #3 | I have a pair of red jeans and I seem to have exhausted my outfit options… A simple white tee is boring on it’s own, but a perfect partner in crime with a textured, unstructured blazer. Run errands around town in the tee, jeans, and ballet flats. Swap the flats for espadrilles and add the blazer for cozy dinners in airconditioned restaurants.

Look #4 | This is really where J. Crew hits the nail on the head. Who in their right mind would ever think to wear animal print with a striped (in bright colors no less) shirt? Definitely not me. But this makes me question whether I’m the crazy one for not attempting the combo!!! The tiny hint of animal print (shoes + belt) is just enough to make it work without going overboard. I’m a little bit too much of a wimp, for sure, to pull off the bright blue bag… although it is quite stunning!

Look #5 | Ahhhh…. the tie-hem shirt. I’ve been loving the look for a while and I think it’s great with the pencil skirt. This is definitely an easy look to pull off for casual meetings (that aren’t really casual). I think I’d for sure where the whole look, minus the hat… I have a large head… Pencil skirts seem very much “grown up” and I have always thought they looked better on taller girls. But maybe it’s time I try the longer skirt!
Do you look to the J. Crew Looks We Love for fashion inspiration too? What’s your favorite J. Crew look?

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I do the same thing in the morning!! I even look at J.Crew's website before I get dressed or I'll look at pictures of my favorite tv characters to get ideas!


It's only available for pre-order right now!!! I wish it were online! You can call (800) 261-7422 to pre-order it though 🙂


I'm definitely going to start checking out "Looks We Love" more often! My favorite is definitely the "Chic Geek" look!


Deanna Pai

SAME. Actually going to J.Crew on my lunch break and buying the entire outfit on their homepage (the one with the polka-dot chambray–sigh!).

Delta Tri Till I Die

I think you should really do a "Looks I Love" for the office! I started a summer internship a few weeks ago and am trying to get adjusted to the office-chic look. Some great pointers would be super helpful!!


Elias C.M

If you are in the NYC area this week J.Crew is having a sample

Julia D.

Right there with you on not knowing what to wear when getting dressed in the morning. I have yet to check out the J. Crew "Looks We Love" section for inspiration, but after this post I think I need to. These looks are so simple and wearable but have one or two things to make it pop, which is very classic J. Crew in my opinion. Accessories have always seemed to me to be the best way to jazz up a seemingly tired wardrobe, and I think these outfits proved that.