preppy lace + gingham

I was in my closet a couple of days ago and came across a few of my favorite plaid shirts. I seriously thought to myself, “Oh, I wish it was fall so that I could wear these again!” Don’t worry, I snapped myself out of that and said a little thankful note for the warm and (mostly) sunny summer weather.
I think I like those plaid shirts so much because they’re super simple to wear. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and there are so many colors to pull from. This got me thinking that I should make a post about clothes that are perfect and easy for summertime. I narrowed it down to two of my favorites. Lace, my new obsession, and gingham, an old favorite.
When I think of lace, I pretty much see yellowing old wedding dresses… but I think times are a-changing. BRIGHT colored lace is everywhere and it’s definitely a trend I can jump on. I’m personally on the hunt for the perfect pair of lace shorts. (If you’ve seen a perfect pair, let me know where… please… in a comment!)
I need these pants!!!!!!!
Gingham just speaks to me. I like gingham in all colors. I like gingham on men and babies. I think I could probably solely live in gingham (at least during the summer months) and never tire of it.
I absolutely swear by these shirts…

Lace and/or Gingham…. What are your thoughts?

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I am also on the hunt for the perfect (non see through !!!) lace shorts- I have had no such luck yet. I'll be checking back here to see if anyone has found "the" perfect ones! I love gingham and lace too! 🙂


I just got lace shorts at Zara and love them! They are fully lined and not too short. I have been able to wear them with so much lately, so I definitely suggest checking them out!

xo M


i got my lace shorts at zara, but earlier today i saw a pair in the window at urban outfitters 😉


Milly's Lace Shorts look like a great buy since they're not too short – they come in Watermelon and White


They're sold out online, but I got these shorts from Loft:–product–product%3A274829–LOFT-view-all-052112–Cotton-Eyelet-Shorts-with-4%22-Inseam–274829/11375449/false/fullPriceProducts/7485.shtml

They are SO cute and a classic take on the lace trend that we're seeing everywhere. The length is perfect– classy and comfortable without being mom shorts. I get compliments literally every single time I wear these, and the best part is I got them for $30! You should check your Loft! (They come in white and tan!)


I love gingham! I find that I wear it almost weekly.
Love your blog, so happy I found it and have become your newest follower.

xo Georgina


I have a slight obsession with the J.Crew perfect shirt in gingham. I have it in light blue, navy, and light green. Eeek. Love it though. 🙂

Julia D.

LACE! 100% LACE. I like that gingham bikini, but lace is just so simple, classic, and beautiful. All of those lace picks need to find their way into my closet ASAP. I'm so happy this trend exists so I can take full advantage of it and stock up on all these pretties!