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This weekend, we were in the Catskills for a cozy getaway and it snowed! Nothing substantial, but there were flurries nonetheless. I was freezing with the temperatures hovering in the thirties– my body definitely got too used to the warm weather this summer.
Despite the fact that I am so, so enjoying this perfect October fall, the flurries got me pretty excited for winter. I’m not ready for fall to end so I won’t wish it away, but I did get in the mood for a little winter shopping.
I added this little pom pom hat a tad bit impulsively this weekend. I think it’s going to be perfect for the winter months though and I’m hoping it contrasts well with my black hair. (My only worry is that I’m too pale for it!) While we’re at it, Ralph Lauren is having a sale right now. Depending on how much you spend, you could receive up to $200 off your order. I also got cream and pink cable knit sweaters.
I couldn’t resist this plaid holiday skirt either. I also got the plaid popover because, um, I felt like it was too cute to pass up. I don’t have a good excuse for that one, but I do think it’ll be cute with white cords.
I haven’t bought this jacket yet, but I’m way leaning towards it right now. Gar and I have been spending a lot more time outdoors now that we’re in Connecticut. It’s amazing what having a car and being somewhere with a lot more space have done for my sense of adventure. I love taking Teddy hiking or just to the dog park. And we’re both really looking forward to skiing a lot this winter. (I bought a pair of skis!) I definitely have cute winter coats for the city and dressy events, but I have a feeling I’m going to need a warmer casual coat. I know I wish I had this this weekend…. brrr!

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Yelle T

i love the catskills! i used to visit every summer growing up with my family. i too purchased a warm hat this past week. winter is coming!


Love the Patagonia that you are looking at, but if you really are spending that much time outdoors especially standing or walking at the dog park I would really consider a longer coat! This one is my new favorite, expensive, but you get three coats in one which is nice – also water proof! It really is shocking how much the longer coat can keep you so much warmer (and will keep your booty warm if you sit on a bench)!


I just bought the skirt!!! But I’m a little at odds as to what to wear it with… do you have any other ideas besides a navy cardigan?


Patagonia is great, but I would also check out Arc'teryx. They offer a little more attention to detail and quality, but a big reason why I love them is because they have such high-quality products without sacrificing fit. I work at an outdoor retailer and everyone who tries one on buys it, because the fit is so amazing!

Also, if you didn't know… Down is super warm, but if you get wet it's going to be miserably cold. If you want something that will be fine if it starts drizzling, go for synthetic filling or a lower down count filling.