Weekend in the Catskills

Garrett and I couldn’t go on a trip we had originally planned for last weekend. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to get away or not for scheduling reasons, but we found out that we had the weekend free after all. Even though we couldn’t make flights happen for our original trip, we decided that we still wanted to getaway for the weekend. The two of us have been keeping tabs on the foliage calendars around the area and knew it was cooling off significantly and going to be peak leaf peeping! The two of us imagined a cozy weekend away in the mountains with Teddy curled up in a little cabin. 
I have to say, I think we outdid ourselves.
I’m truly one of those people who get extremely disappointed because I set extremely high expectations for things. This trip ended up being exactly how I pictured and wished it would. If only I could bottle up the extreme happiness and calmness I felt while we were away so I could rely on it during a stressful day.
We were very last minute in booking the trip but we ended up finding the cutest and most perfect one room school house to rent in Andes, NY. What the place lacked in space (although we did want small and cozy!), it made up for in charm. A lofted bedroom, a tiny kitchen, a boxwood stove, stacks of blankets everywhere, a fire pit, a deck with a grill.
We got in around 7pm on Friday night but the sun had already set. Gar and I took Teddy for a walk in the dark. As my eyes adjusted, I could see more and more stars. It was very chilly, but I think I could have plopped a sleeping bag right down and stared up at the sky all night long.
It wasn’t until the morning that we could really get a good feel for the area. The. Leaves. Were. Everything. So many yellows and reds and oranges and everything in between. We drove into town for pastries to nibble on and to pick up steaks to grill later that night. The night before, it had felt too quiet (other than the coyotes howling….) and I told Garrett this was nice for a weekend but I didn’t think I could live there year round.
However, as the second day went on, I changed my mind. I’m pretty sure I could. Unbelievably peaceful. I didn’t even think about work one bit.
Once we got back, Garrett got a fire going. Who doesn’t love a good fire pit?! Honestly, my body has not prepared itself for winter weather yet and was definitely not ready for the 30ish degrees. I stood by that fire all day long only taking breaks when it felt like my jeans were going to melt into my skin.
One little guy who loved it more than the two of us? Teddy. Oh man was he having the time of his life. Unlimited sticks to chew on. Leaves to roll around in. Creatures to bark at. (How adorable is he in his little Barbour coat?)
I had made a slowcooker chili the night before we left so we could heat it up on the stove for lunches. Figuring out what to bring food-wise for twoish days and two nights in a kitchen without an oven or microwave was challenging, but we ended up with the best meals. The food could have easily been one of my top three elements of the getaway since it felt so… woodsy.
It also started to flurry while we were eating lunch. It was pretty light, on and off all day!
Obviously s’mores were to be had. I think I like roasting the marshmallows more than I like eating the final product.
Wearing: Flannel Shirt + Vest + Jeans + Boots + Barbour (c/o)
A few pictures because what’s a weekend roadtrip without a tripod and self timer?
Garrett manned the grill on Saturday night and we basically feasted on grilled corn, steak, asparagus, potatoes. We vowed to take advantage of the grill in the courtyard of apartment building more. So delicious and so easy. 
The weekend was over too fast. I wish it could have been two weeks, not two nights! We packed up our bags (here’s my monogrammed bag) and boots and made the drive back to Connecticut. Luckily the leaves were just as beautiful on the way back, which served as a great distraction from facing the real world. 

Ah, I want to go back already!!! Maybe once there’s snow on the ground…

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I'm jealous. My mom grew up in the Catskills and I love visiting our relatives during the fall. I can't go this year though. Thanks for sharing! 🙂