Garrett is obsessed with the yogurt parfait things from Starbucks. It might be 85% of his diet. Every time he gets one he makes me take a bite. Honestly, yogurt tends to make me gag– literally gag. But I guess all the bites I’ve been taking have finally made me a little bit more okay with the yogurt trend. Now I kind of look forward to stealing a bite or two of his yogurt. Knowing he’s into it and knowing that I don’t totally gag from yogurt anymore… I suggested we try the Chobani store in Soho (152 Prince Street).
(Please note: It could have gone many ways, including my stomach turning the minute we walked in and not being able to complete this adventure.) 
Really. Garrett ordered larges for both of us (instantly I was even more anxious because I was picturing a massive bowl of, gulp, yogurt). He got a peanut butter and jelly one and I got the fruit and granola one.
The fruit and granola was perfect, with a little bit of honey. I think the honey kind of cut the tartness of the yogurt which is why I think I loved it so much. It was the perfect humid day snack. And Garrett’s? I’m pretty sure I could have licked his bowl clean if he let me. Such an unique twist on a childhood classic. Absolutely delicious.
Whether you’re a yogurt lover or a not-so-lover, I think you’d be able to find something on the menu that suits your taste. My only criticism is the spoon; it’s wood and gave me goosebumps.
Okay… that’s all. You must go if you’re in the area!

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OMG that looks amazing!! Chobani's instagram is my favorite because all the connoctions looks so good! I love fruit, yogurt and granola, parfaits too 🙂

Annie Belle


Jesus fucking christ, a SPOON gave you goosebumps?? Come on…is there ANYTHING that doesn't make you uncomfortable? Why is this even something you're putting out there on the internet?


It's the same type of wood that popsicle sticks and the little ice cream cup spoons are made out of… they've always felt weird to me and I know plenty of people who feel the same way. My mom, for example, hates that feeling too! It's like similar to nails on a chalkboard!

Madeeha Syed

I was the same way about yogurt, I still am when it comes to regular types. But, I'm now ok with Greek yogurt. I recommend vanilla with a big spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and crunchy biscoff spread with green apple chunks and granola! It's amazing! Also, vanilla with nutella, honey, granola, and strawberries is really good as well. It's become my breakfast go to.

Sabrina Winslow

OMG! Just thinking about that wooden spoon gives me shivers! Both my daughter and I eat Popsicles in a bowl with a fork, we cannot risk our teeth touching the wooden stick!! You are not alone, Carly


I don't care for Chobani, I find it difficult to eat (too thick or something) so I totally get the gaging thing, but I love Fage!! If you ever just want some at home you should try the Fage with fruit, the blueberry and strawberry are very easy to eat!! I sometimes add in a bit of fresh cut fruit and it's amazing!


hadiya alexander

I've always hated yogurt too, especially the one with fruit at the bottom! I couldn't down a cup without gagging. But then I tried the Trader Joe's greek yogurt in vanilla bean! It was amazing. It tastes like dessert! I eat it with frozen strawberries, granola, and honey. You should definitely try it. 🙂 (haha this sounds like an infomercial)

Olivia Stieren

I have Greek yogurt every morning for breakfast :). Chobani is definitely one of my favorites, but I recently found this Australian style yogurt called Noosa. It is the BEST yogurt I've ever had. Creamy, tastes rich AND light at the same time somehow, and delicious flavors. I've only see it at Target where I live but I'm sure they sell it at other places. You should give it a try!

Also, wooden spoons are gross! 🙂


They installed one of those in our hospital cafeteria about two months after I officially went from vegetarian to vegan… terrible timing! I totally miss yogurt some days!!

Melanie Gayle

My mom and I randomly stumbled upon the Chobani store while touristing around Soho last summer. I actually ordered the same thing as you and loved it so much that I made it at home everyday for a month (in that glass Chobani bowl). So good!