Lou & Grey (+ Meet and Greet!)

I’m so so so excited to be partnering with Lou & Grey– a new branded collection from LOFT. There’s a LOFT just down the street from me in the city and I walk by it about four times a day. I pop in all the time to see what’s new, especially when the window displays catch my eye. The new Lou & Grey collection is absolutely amazing.
In one word: soft.
In two words: soft and comfortable.
In three words: soft and comfortable and chic.
Seriously, the dresses are perfect for walking the dog in the morning, working from home during the day, and running out to grab lunch with a friend. Weekend wear for the girls with 9-5 business suit jobs… and the best alternative to jeans/sweats for the college girl.
I bought a handful of the dresses and shirts yesterday and immediately changed into this striped drawstring dress. It’s been so hot and humid here that I never know what to wear and it was so comfortable for running around Soho! 
I love the branding!
All the softness!

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Guess what! I’m going to be at the Lou & Grey concept store in Westport, CT (15 Main Street) this Thursday from 5-7pm and would love to shop with and meet you!

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Anything that is soft, comfortable, and chic is right up my alley!! All the prints and styles look amazing (ahem stripes!). Thanks for introducing me to this new line!

Annie Belle

Audrey Lin

All throughout high school I've dressed quite sloppily, but now that I'm about to start college, I want to revamp my wardrobe into something more mature/professional/smart[-casual], but I still want it to be comfortable enough so that it doesn't take too much effort to get dressed in the morning, otherwise I'd fall back into dressing like a hobo hahah. Anyways, thanks for introducing this, because boy do I need something soft&comfy&chic!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Emily Vogt

Obsessed with the Lou + Grey line from loft! I'll definitely have to check out that dress! Love your blog!


Not trying to be mean but Lou+Grey is not new. This may be a new collection from them but LOFT has been selling it for close to a year. In fact, I freaked out a little bit when I couldn't find their "lounge" leggings online only to realize later that they'd been re-branded.

Gabrielle Scalese

Lou & Grey is everything. Best idea LOFT has ever had. I have this dress too, super comfy & you can totally dress it up! Which LOFT do you go to? 🙂


My favorite clothes are from this line! I love the LOFT because they have petite and basically my entire closet is from there (bought on clearance because I'm in college)!


These are really nice! I like the chambray dress. I wonder how successful they'll be in competing with stores like Madewell who go after the same aesthetic. So far, I'd say they're doing pretty well–the rosy photographs are nice and I like the logo. It will be interesting to see where they go with it–I hope in time they'll be able to introduce some more structured pieces.

Love, Gigi


Nope! All sponsored content has a note.

This was just to let my readers know about the event- there is a sponsored post regarding the concept store/recap coming up… so stay tuned!