Christmas in Florida

I typically love heading south for Christmas. Of course, it’s where my family is so it’s where we celebrate the holiday. But I also love sneaking away from the cold weather for a few days. (I always have to mentally prepare myself for a frigid January!)
I do get a little jealous when I think of people of waking up to snowy lawns on Christmas mornings or lighting fires at home. It was kind of crazy that almost everyone had a warm holiday. Made me feel a little less left out if I’m being honest! Although, we still had record shattering heat and humidity in Florida. Felt like JULY!

I bought all of my family’s Christmas presents online and had them shipped straight there. I love wrapping gifts– it feels more exciting than opening them myself! I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to see what everyone thought. I got my sister this fleece and these slippers, my mom this portable speaker, and my dad noise canceling headphones.

My sister wore her fleece and slippers immediately, my mom had a Spotify holiday playlist blasting within minutes… and my dad put the earbuds in and we literally didn’t get his attention for the next two hours. Success!

I’ve been living in these Vineyard Vines holiday pajamas, now they’re under $50! My mom picked up these mug toppers from Williams Sonoma. (Anthropologie had really cute tiny peppermint versions too!) We tried to make them at home last year and really failed. Much better to buy them ha! 

A little random note here, but I really didn’t want anything for Christmas. I have plenty of stuff so I was just happy to be home… but, when pressed, I had said all I wanted was the Christmas mug set. It used to be my grandmother’s and my mom and I both love the mugs. We use them year round in Tampa. After doing a little searching, my mom found the exact same set on Etsy. It was actually the best gift I could have received.

My Aunts Jean and Jane (they’re twins; sadly Aunt Jean passed away this year) gift my sister and I Snowbabies every year. We must have close to a hundred of them now. It’s always fun to open the green boxes and see which ones we get to add to the collection. How cute is the skiing one???

Years ago my mom sewed me a Lilly stocking!

It was close to ninety degrees every day so the only sweaters I could wear were the sleeveless variety. (Sweater is an old Kate Spade find, but this is a similar long sleeved version. And here’s the Ray Ban sunglasses.)

I say this every time I go to Florida, but I’m always grateful for every minute I’m there and with my family. We’re not the most exciting family in the world, but there’s no drama and we all love to be together. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Rachel Gault

Glad you were able to escape to home for Christmas. It was most definitely rough in Tampa this year weather-wise. I'm looking forward to some cooler temps this weekend!


Agreed–holidays spent with family are the best! I never realized how much I would miss it until I got married and had to start splitting the holidays!

Caitlin Cooper

It really was so warm on Christmas! It felt so weird, almost as if it shouldn't be Christmas at all. I live in Georgia, so we don't get much snow anyway, but it would've been nice to at least have the chance for snow on Christmas! Instead, it was rainy, humid, and hot. Maybe next year!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep


Sorry we missed you. It was so good to see your mom and meet your dad. They were troopers at my parents' crazy party. XO!


I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! We're in Florida too (Jacksonville), and the 86° weather definitely did not feel like Christmas, but it was great to see the kids enjoy their new outdoor toys even more. Peace and blessings! XOXO