Christmas Movie Traditions

I’m flying back to Florida on Saturday and I simply cannot wait. We’re going to the beach for a week, including Christmas, and I can’t think of a better way to end the year and celebrate. I’m planning on hanging out with Stace, reading as many books as possible, and sleeping and napping.
The sunshine and sand won’t be so bad either!
October and November were jam-packed and December has definitely been a lot less hectic, but definitely stressful. Seriously, it feels like every important Decision for next year is being made right now. Good stress, but still stress. 
But Christmas at the beach is just what the doctor ordered.
One thing that I’m particularly looking forward to is watching family favorite holiday movies. I think that every family is different in their holiday movie traditions. We know some families who watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year and others who spend every Christmas Eve watching Miracle on 34th Street.
Christmas in the city last year!
We love…
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Eloise at Christmastime, and The Santa Clause

I’m already envisioning Stacy and I, watching the movies, with a giant bowl of popcorn… at the beach. Ha. Love it.
If you’re a Netflix subscriber, there are tons of holiday movies right now. Love Actually, The Polar Express, White Christmas, Jack Frost…. Ooh… So many movies, so little time.
What are your favorite holiday movies to watch year after year?

PS Another really fun tradition we have is that my mom gets us matching pajamas on Christmas Eve! 
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My parents and I used to always watch Christmas Vacation together. This year my mom watched it without me 🙁
But I've been watching Harry Potter for the last three Sundays and I will definitely watch Love…Actually as soon as I get home for Christmas. 🙂

Your matching PJs tradition is really adorable! 🙂

Violet Clouds

I remember my Dad bringing A Muppet's Christmas Carol home on VHS when I was 6, he was so proud of how much we all loved it. I still watch it every year 🙂


As a family, we always watch It's A Wonderful Life and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My sister and I also watch Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Family Stone together!


Emily Blauvelt

I love watching White Christmas! And both my favorite and my mom's favorite movie is Love Actually… So glad they're both on Netflix!



When it is just the girls at home we always watch Miracle on 34th, as a family we watch the Polar Express, and both versions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


I adore Love Actually and The Holiday – the best box set I have ever bought. Snuggle up in front of those (optional glass of mulled wine) and I am sorted! And I definitely watched both of them way back in October/November!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux