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This is a really special post and one that I think has so much meaning. And it’s something that absolutely everyone can do in their own way.
Hannah (a longtime “Internet Friend”) is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I know… oh, and an absolutely incredible writer. Honestly, she has a way with words. Beautiful, beautiful. You have to watch Hannah’s TED talk. She inspires me in more ways than I can count. More Love Letters and College Prepster started very similarly and I think that’s why I felt an instant connection with Hannah when we first started emailing. While suffering from depression in NYC, Hannah started writing love letters and leaving them for strangers all over the city. If someone looked like they needed love, she would write and leave them a letter, in cafes, on trains. I get goosebumps thinking about it, especially since moving here.
What started as random acts of kindness (and personal healing along the way) turned into letter requests. People would send Hannah an email saying that someone was in need of a letter and she would write them one, no questions asked. And that’s More Love Letters.
In a time when text messages are filled with emoticons and many thoughts are subject to a 140 character limit, the idea of putting actual pen to paper and writing to a stranger seems unlikely. Yet, that’s exactly what Hannah has created.
And it’s even bigger right now!
More Love Letters is hosting “The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing.” The campaign is twelve days of different letter requests across social media. Now that is a lot of love letters!!! You can find more details about the campaign here. (You can also sign up to get all of the requests emailed to you throughout the campaign here!)
I’m participating and sharing this particular request with you too. Honestly, it’s a win-win. Sitting down to write from your heart is a great way to spend a few minutes of your day AND you’re going to be really sharing a whole lot of love with someone who needs it. 
Today’s Request!

Bundle Recipient: Steve
Request: Today we’d love some help scripting some letters for Steve. His loving daughter writes to us: “My dad is an amazing father to his five children, myself and my four brothers. He works so hard so that all of us can be anything we desire. This past August my family went through a tragedy, especially one that a parent should not have to face. My big brother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 31. It has been hard on us all but I see the pain he still carries around every day. He is trying to stay strong for us but I think a bundle of encouragement would do his heart some good. This is the first holiday season without my brother and some love letters would help ease the pain.” Join us in bringing love and comfort to this amazing father!

Please send all love letters to: 
(We ask that all love letters be in the mailbox by December 20th!) 
Steve’s Bundle
c/o Kelsey B. 
1008 Alma Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049
I’d love for you to join me in writing letters for Steve today! (Not sure where to begin? Here’s MLL’s starter kit for love letters with all sorts of suggestions and ideas!)
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Erin Fairchild

What a beautiful idea! I'd love to send Steve a letter. My mom died when I was really little and I wish this project had been around then to send my dad letters of comfort.


This is an amazing idea! It really makes me want to leave 'love letters' around for strangers. I'm thinking of little notes to leave in my favorite books at the library. Also, I'd love to write Steve a letter. This is a very special sort of project, thanks for making me aware of it!

Jess Prashaw

This is truly heart warming, it is so nice to see and hear about people like Hannah. I am definitely joining the campaign, I just shared this post with my sorority and know some of them will as well.