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I have a good amount of nostalgia for very specific things. (My sister and I are constantly sending each other links, TikToks, songs, etc. that trigger memories!) I just love that feeling of seeing something that brings you right back to feel-good moments! At the beginning of the month, I brought out my holiday mugs and it brought back all the feels for me. We usually keep simple white mugs in our kitchen so it feels extra special. And these Christmas mugs aren’t just any Christmas mugs. My mom had a set that we always used growing (she still has them!) and a few years ago I tracked down the exact same set so I could also have them around the holidays.

I love them so much. (I found a set on ebay if you want the exact one!) Bringing them out every year makes me feel like a kid again. Such a little thing. No huge tradition, it didn’t cost a ton of money, but the joy it brings is priceless.

Anyway it got me inspired to pull together some Christmas mugs. I usually would have saved a product round up like this for a Saturday post, but I know I’m a tad late here and time is of the essence….


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Lisa Mari

I love mugs and own way too many but Christmas mugs are just extra special and make even the greyest winter morning more fun!


My parents host a lot of family due to us being all spread out, and my mom has seasonal mugs next to the coffee pot when there are a lot of us. I love them and they represent a time when our whole family is together!! What a cute idea, thanks for the round up, Carly!


I love having a few seasonal mugs (fall, Christmas mainly!) – makes it feel extra special.