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I… have a pajama problem. I really do. Back in the Before Times (lol), we’d have our friends over for game nights and sometimes they’d bleed over into sleepovers– especially if it meant no one had to drive home late at night after dinner and drinking. Inevitably at some point in the night, we’d all get into comfies to play the last round or whatever and my friend’s husband always thought it was so hilarious that I had so many different pairs of matching pajamas. It’s an embarrassingly large collection. I wear a new pair every night and, during the pandemic, I’ve been very grateful for my random assortment. No matter what my mood, what the temperature, or what I’m doing (sleeping, lounging, sewing, reading), I have a pair of pajamas that fits the situation.

I pretty much have two separate collections that I swap out for the season: my warm weather pajamas and my cold weather pajamas. Within the cold weather are my absolute favorite of the bunch: Christmas pajamas.

(If I sound nuts, it’s because I am. They *spark joy*, okay?)


Tartan PajamasSlippers

J. Crew sent me this pair last year and I get excited every time I put them on. They feel *very* Christmasy. They’re definitely oversized– even after many washes. If you’re in between two sizes, size down and if you like a comfy, loose fit go with your normal size.


I know we’re a little late to the game for Christmas pajamas– they are already starting to sell out. Here are my top picks:



While I’m not usually a sweat pant fan, this year has drastically changed my opinion on them. Now? I’m all for them. How CUTE is this festive sweatsuit with printed snowflakes? I would wear these beyond just sleeping. I think these would a great “Christmas day” outfit. Maybe one for the whole fam.




Oh how I love these pajamas!!! They really feel vintage to me. Like… hello Molly McIntire. I wish they still had my size. I can’t believe I missed them!




If you’re looking for a fun print– this ski jogger set is darling. Also works beyond just Christmas as it’s more of a “winter theme.”


J. Crew Black Watch Flannel Pajamas


I LOVE flannel pajamas. They’re great for sleeping in on cold nights, but the best part is being warm and cozy when it’s freezing in the morning. Is there anything better than sitting down with a cup of coffee in cozy pajamas on a day off?! The only thing better is if it’s a snow day!

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Love the post. Pajamas, I never wore them til this year. My husband has always changed into comfort wear when he comes home from work (kinda like the Mr. Rogers show in real life). Totally a convert. BTW, Lake Pajamas just came out with a button front top and I can’t wait to get them. These will be great for those with limited mobility or recent surgical procedures. PJ Movement.

Kelly C

You inspired me to up my pajama game a few years back! Now I can’t wait to go home and jump into a comfy matching set, usually Lake 🙂


If I sounds nuts, it’s because I am! That made me laugh! I am LOVING my nap dress (Caroline)in the plaid– feels very Christmas to me!


I have developed a recent love of pajamas too! My favorite is a brand from Target called Stars Above…they’re affordable, size inclusive and so soft!


I really like PJ Salvage pajamas. They have some fun holiday prints and their flannel pajamas are really warm! I had surgery a few years ago and wore those pajamas when I was staying home all day to recover.


Molly McIntire is the best! I didn’t know it was an option to twin with my favorite doll, but now that I do, I’m on the hunt!


My best friend got me a very similar set for Christmas last year, but with a little shimmer woven in. They are sooo cozy and truly do *spark joy* haha. She confessed she doesn’t have any, so I’m gifting her and my sister the same pair (all in different colors) this year. Such a fun, cute, but practical gift.