Christmas Tree Decorations

I had to put up my Christmas tree this week for a blog shoot. I thought my boyfriend might kill me if I did it in the living room and, well, I don’t blame him. So I bought a fake tree to put up in my office. I had thought that I would want to take it down and consider putting it back up once December rolled around… but it’s bringing me so much joy. With the flip of a switch, my tree lights up and my office instantly feels a little cozier and a whole lot more festive.

(It’s actually helping me work better too, which I wouldn’t have guessed… It makes it feel like Christmas and gift guides are so much easier to do when it feels like the holidays are here!!)

I will say, I thought I was way early and that I’d have a full selection to choose from at Target, Michael’s, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. NOPE. Everything was so picked over. I’m convinced people started to get their decorations, like, last Valentine’s Day or something. It may have been better had I driven out to the suburbs, but alas, I did not.

Christmas Tree

I bought this artificial tree from Target. There were plenty of more expensive options, but I am very happy with how this one looks. I could probably go back through the tree to fluff it up a bit more, but it’s getting the job done.

I had the best luck getting ornaments and tree decorations from Michael’s. I went to two different Targets and just didn’t love the selection (at least what they had left) this time around. Because of the blog campaign I did, I knew I wanted to stick to red accents. I ended up doing ALL red with just a smidge of white and absolutely love how it turned out.

These candy red ornaments were the first things I put into my cart and I went from there. I feel like they have a more vintage quality to them. I bought five boxes of them (so 40 ornaments total, one of which shattered when I dropped it). The tree is seven feet tall and I think I’d do another box or two to fill it out more next time around. I was guestimating with the five boxes and it’s probably the minimum number of ornaments needed.

When I posted the tree on Instagram, I had a few questions about where the pom pom garland was from. It’s my favorite part of the tree, without a doubt. I got it from Michael’s (and it’s majorly on sale). In my head, I thought two strands were going to be enough, but I wish I had gotten four. I did my best to make the two work, but two more definitely would have looked better!

I stuck these little berry picks into the tree, too. And again, I wish I had gotten more. They “stick” so well into the tree and they’re the perfect thing to add when you need to fill in any awkward holes.

For the little bows, I actually just took skinny grosgrain ribbon, tied them into bows, and threaded an ornament hook through the back. SO simple. I turned on The Great British Bake Off while I did it and just relaxed while I tied and hooked, tied and hooked, tied and hooked. I might go back and add even more.

As I went to put together the below widget of all the cutest ornaments I could find, I realized that I could easily spend $1000s on them. Sheesh, each one is cuter than the last!!

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Rebecca Heron

I love your tree, starting to feel festive here too! As a sewer I have been making decorations since August but ir finally feels like Christmas is coming! I adore the gingerbread house decoration you have shown in the widget! We collect decorations whenever we go anywhere so putting up the tree is a trip down memory of holidays visits etc!

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

Ever since I was little, my Mum had a subscription to a Disney-based service that delivered an ornament or two a year, so our Christmas tree is almost exclusively old-school Disney ornaments! It’s a strange tradition, but it always makes me feel so festive because of all the different characters and memories of putting them up each year!

These are all so gorgeous, too!

Happy Saturday!


Love this!! My husband and I always get each other an ornament for Christmas so that our Christmas tree are a bunch of ornaments full of memories!

June Pope

Love your red tree. We moved into a new house this summer so I purchased some Scottish plaid ornaments to start a new Christmas tree theme. Your tree has inspired me to add all the red with the plaid for what I hope will be a tree as stunning as yours. I’m off to Michael’s today to hunt down some of these red glass balls, some garland, berry picks and maybe make those sweet red bows. Thanks for all your creative ideas. I’m pumped!

June Pope

Thanks for all your great tree inspiration! We moved into a new house this summer so I purchased some Scottish plaid ornaments to start a new theme this year. Your tree has given me all the ideas I need to finish my tree off with all the red. I’m pumped to get out to Michael’s for all the items you’ve used. Thanks Carly! 🙋🏼‍♀️


My Target looked picked over for weeks and it turned out that only last weekend did they actually start putting out Christmas stuff! So it might not have been picked over, but actually not all in!