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Oh my word am I feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Between the snowfall we had and all the decorations everywhere. I’m just loving it. I braved some big stores on Sunday (World Market, Target, HomeGoods) and despite leaving my phone behind and lines for days, I was totally loving the buzz and excitement. I’m also sponsoring a local family this year for their holiday lists and it’s been fun to put everything together. I feel really grateful for this year in particular and wanted to make sure I was giving back in bigger, more tangible ways.

In addition to my monthly automatic donations to St. Jude, I always do a bigger one for the holidays specifically. I’m trying to get a group together out here in the suburbs to help prepare and serve meals as well. (If anyone knows/loves a particular organization out here– would love to know!)

How are you giving back this season?

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Georgia Rose

These photos are gorgeous – so festive!! Its so nice of you to be sponsoring a family’s christmas list – what a lovely thing to do! Giving back is truly what this season is all about!

Georgia Rose |

Emma & Chloe

Lol someone is finally reading on a hate thread. Glad you are actually taking time to do some kindness instead of bragging what expensive thing to buy yourself this christmas. We all know you can buy anything but you cant buy true happiness my dear. Save your money for a rainy day.


Honestly, I think you can do all three. Save (which I do plenty), splurge (which I do once a year as a “bonus” for a successful year), and give (which I do often, without publicly sharing because I don’t think that’s necessary and can actually come across as tacky/”savior-esque).

And surely– reading/contributing to a so-called hate thread does NOT fall under the umbrella of kindness, regardless of the season.


Just going to leave this right here as a gift for Emma and Chloe:

“Who suffers by his ill whims? Himself always.’’-The Christmas Carol


It’s good that you’re giving back so much this season! Sponsoring a family is a great idea. I think I’m going to give back this holiday season by donating money to a charity that helps homeless kids and teens in my area. I also collect toiletries and makeup samples throughout the year and donate them to a shelter for victims of domestic violence.


I’m sorry, it’s really not in my nature to respond to something like this, but I cannot believe how petulant you’re being. I think Carly shared this to inspire others to give if they’re able. She seems like she’s in a great place right now. I don’t know if you’re having a bad day or if you’re always this bitter, but I hope things get better. Happy holidays, Emma & Chloe!


Hi there! I’m also from North Jersey, and my Mom does a lot of work with Eleventh Hour Pet Rescue in Rockaway. Their mission is to save cats and dogs from kill shelters and foster them until they find forever homes. They’re always in need of donations, and even have a link to their Amazon wishlist if you’re interested in supporting!

Happy holidays!


I love these sentiments and applaud you for giving back this time of year, but the context and title of the post made no sense to me! I was expecting a post about a Christmas tree farm. Lol


Haha, I had saved the title in a draft post with the photos (as like a place holder in my schedule) and just forgot to change the title/slug


I’ve been following you for seven years now, and Suburban Christmas Carly is my FAVORITE CARLY YET.


If you have a local Ronald McDonald house in your area, you can volunteer with a group of people to cook them dinner or even just do some baking! You go in with the group, get a tour of the home, meet some of the families staying and then spend a few hours using their awesome kitchen to cook or bake, and then you just leave it out with some sweet notes for the families! I’ve done it several times for work events and just as a way to say “we’re thinking of you” at this time of year….for me, I love Ronald McDonald house because it kind of coincides with 1. The charity of my college sorority and 2. the fact that my husband and I give to St Jude monthly as well, so I feel like its all kind of similar!
Happy Holidays, Carly!!


In recent years I’ve been putting together a few Christmas boxes for my local homeless drive. They usually have a list of items but it might include some festive chocolates/treats, non perishables, new socks, and toiletries. Thanks for spreading the seasons’ message!

Cathy J

His Carly, since you were asking about local charities – check out your local Junior League for volunteer opportunities year round, and also the New Jersey Food Bank for ‘one-and-done’ days to volunteer. Happy Holidays!


Love this idea of sponsoring a local family!

We have donated time putting together stockings for children in foster care, have sent in pajamas for a pj drive at my children’s school, and volunteered at a local nursing home so far. Always looking for good ideas!


My church did a bag drive for foster kids through a local charity. We bought duffel bags and put clothes and toiletry items in them (we opted for a teen girl)

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