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The Best Holiday Cookies & Gifts for Foodies

Surprise! Louisa is here today with a fun roundup of holiday cookies and gifts for foodies!!

The Best Holiday Cookies & Gifts for Foodies

Guest Post by Louisa from Living Lou

I am in full-on holiday baking mode. Once December hits, I start thinking about all of the cookies I will make this season. For the last 10+ years, I’ve been baking holiday cookies for family, friends and colleagues. I like to bake three to four varieties and package them up in adorable, festive takeaway containers that I’ll drop off closer to Christmas. 

As someone who does a lot of baking, I often get two questions. 1) What cookies should I bake this year? And 2) What gifts should I get for someone who loves to cook/bake? 

I like to pull together ideas from products that I actually use. This means that it’s something that I can stand behind 100%! (These are also amazing tools to add to your wish list if you’re an avid cook/baker). 

This year I’m making four delicious cookies. 

1. Sugar cookies with sprinkles with festive red and green sprinkles for an extra holiday twist. For these cookies, having a cookie scoop is key to ensuring they are all the same size. 

2. Cinnamon macaroons with chocolate and sprinkles my family said these were the best cookie they’d had in years. 

3. Chewy ginger molasses are a go-to that I make every single year because people request them. 

4. Hazelnut chai shortbread bars these cookies are the simplest on this list to make, I think when you’re doing a lot of holiday baking, the key is to have a combination of complicated and easy recipes to balance everything out. 

In terms of holiday gifts for your foodie friends, these are my tried and true recommendations! 

For the baker:

Under $100: I would love a new set of nonstick bakeware and pans. These are items that get used almost every day, and a full set refresh (for under $100) is incredible. And while it’s tempting to go for the gold or rose gold colors, I always recommend silver as this will ensure a more even bake and heat distribution. I also love this holiday, cake explosion kit for a fun holiday surprise! 

Under $50: If you’re a baker, you know the value of high-quality vanilla, this gift set of global vanillas will be truly appreciated. 

For the cook: 

Under $100: A SodaStream is a crowd-pleasing gift, especially for friends who love to have people over. You can make all sorts of flavored bubbly waters. 

Under $50: Not only is this wooden salad bowl gorgeous, but this is the kind of serving dish you can be proud to bring to the table. Alternatively, this Emile Henry dish is one of my favorite items that I received as a gift years ago. 

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Those cinnamon coconut macarons look like heaven!! I know what GF recipe I am bring to the cookie bake this year! And yay, love the surprise Louisa post!! 🙂 Happy Monday to both of ya!

xx Libby

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