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Christmas Tree Farm

When my sister officially booked her plane ticket up to visit, we immediately started to plot out our time. Turns out that this weekend is also Carter’s last weekend in the city… so we decided to do one of our bucket list items: visiting a Christmas tree farm!
I love that Instagram lets you search by place now. I was looking a bunch of Christmas tree farms within an hour drive of where we live and then cross-referencing on Instagram. It was so perfect because I could see what the selection looked like within the past few days. It’s the next best thing to actually having to drive to go location scouting.
We loaded up in the Subaru and headed up to Maple Row Farm for an afternoon of Christmas tree hunting. (Truth be told, we left with a huge wreath… no tree for our apartment this year!)
Garrett’s wearing… Beanie // Button Down // Fair Isle Sweater // Jeans // Bean Boots // Needlepoint Belt
Stacy’s wearing… Coat // Infinity Scarf // Boyfriend Shirt // Jeans // Socks // Bean Boots

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Audrey Lin

I love that festivities always bring so much happiness! Truth be told, it's been YEARS since I've gone to get a Christmas tree. My family is usually traveling over winter break, so we're never home for Christmas. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


A few years ago I finally asked my mom if she had the recipe for the “banana split dessert thing” that she made a long time ago, and she was able to dig it up for me. It took me approximately 2.2 seconds to assemble what I needed and I’ve been enjoying it at least a couple of times a year ever since!