25 Ways to Get Into the Spirit When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Maxie and I are so on the same page. I try to soak up as much of the holiday spirit as possible because I know it’ll be over before we know it. I created my own December bucket list and Maxie has taken it one step further with this guest post!
25 Ways to Get Into the Spirit When You’re Just Not Feeling It
Guest Post by Maxie McCoy

One of the most festive times of year is fully upon us. But it’s likely you’ve been too busy to notice. Whether the end of semester exams have taken up your life, or you’ve been surrounded by palm trees instead of snow, or you just aren’t feeling the lights, songs and treats…you’re not alone.
I’ve spent the holiday season (thus far) removed from all of the traditions I know. Because most of the country I’m in doesn’t celebrate the holidays like we do, I realized if I don’t get myself into the spirit, no one will. This special time can easily slip by before I ever got into the festive spirit. The same could happen for any of you “just not feeling it.” 
The reason for the season has always been about love, traditions, family and friends, charity, and gratitude – all things that make our lives better. (Take or leave some of those depending on your own experiences and beliefs). Regardless, don’t let another day go by without allowing the joy of these holiday moments fill you up, whether you’re on the other side of the world, too busy to breathe, or just in a funk. Here’s a whole host of ways to ditch the scrooge and get jolly:
1. Make hot chocolate on the stove with marshmallows. Pajamas required.
2. Go ice skating.
3. Wait in line to see Santa at the mall. Don’t miss the tantrum faces.
4. Walk around the most festive shopping area at night when all the lights are on.
5. Drive around the most decked out holiday neighborhood in your town with holiday music blasting.
6. Bake some treats and drop them off to the local firefighters.
7. Spend a Saturday morning working at your local food pantry.
8. Get out the old photos of holidays past. Browse ‘em.
9. Pop on your favorite holiday movie – Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Christmas Story are a few of my faves.
10. Buy fabulous holiday cards (like these) and send them to your friends and family
11. Heat up some apple cider and drink it with a bestie while having life chats when it’s dark out
12. Elf yourself. And giggle for days.
13. Hang some decorations. And if you’re feeling super crafty, make them yourself.
14. Host a white elephant gift exchange with your nearest and dearest.
15. Jam out to some carols
16. Make a snow angel (if you’ve got snow!)
17. Go gift shopping. Then do some gift wrapping.
18. Make a fire. Cozy up. 
19. See A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker at your local theatre
20. Dress up for your city’s Santa Con
21. Run one of the holiday races with a friend
22. Make a gingerbread house. Eating the gumdrops and icing while you do is a must.
23. Rock your ugliest festive sweater. The Salvation Army has great options.
24. Buy the person’s coffee behind you
25. Sprinkle fake snow on your counter tops. Just cuz. Works every time. 
The holidays are meant to be cherished. Get your spirit into high gear and enjoy as many moments of this festive season as you can.

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