Class of 2010!

It’s tradition at my high school for the rising senior class to wear matching shirts on the first day as “seniors.”  The graduating class doesn’t have to go to school anymore, so my sister is now considered a senior.  I cannot believe it! AH!
One of her friends made darling tank tops in bright colors with a cute little phrase about being the class of 2010.  Sporty Sister asked Soccer Mom if she would host the breakfast at our house… Um, last night at about 5pm.  SM and I hustled around town hunting and gathering.  We expected to go to sleep VERY late and wake up VERY early, but we finished before midnight!

Bebe & me two years ago (WHOA) at our senior breakfast!
Our shirts said “SophisticEIGHTed Senior” on the front.  And “We’ve got CLASS” on the back.

I made a quick trip to Walgreens (thank you for being open 24 hours a day!!!) to get paint for the banner… Somehow our supply from elementary school disappeared… 

More cookies!  I’m seriously OBSESSED with royal frosting.  It’s becoming a problem.  I’m College Prepster and I’m addicted to royal frosting.  PS I’m making cookies for a family friend’s graduation party tomorrow night… WOO!

Egg casserole. Delish.
French toast casserole.  Double Delish.

The spread..

SM & I tagged the girls’ cars!  It was so cute!!!  The cars were wet from last night’s rain so it was a little tricky!
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-College Prepster
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PS  I forgot to post an AWESOME video!!!  It’s by one of Sporty Sister’s friends RP.  I will be the first to admit that I didn’t believe it when I first saw it… but it is SOOOO real.  He and his friends literally sat in my kitchen for hours throwing ping pong balls trying to make one shot.  RP estimated about 50+ hours put into it… CHECK IT OUT 🙂
PPS  Hopsy- I would just LOVE an invite to your blog!!! I miss you 🙁

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Lovely presentation!!! I will suggest a pretty syrup pitcher rather than the store bottle. You and SM make a great team!!!


those cookies are fantastic! way to pull off such a cute event in a limited amount of time.

and I’m with you on missing KappaPrep! I sent her an email daysss ago and still haven’t heard back 🙁