Sporty Sister’s Room

So, I’ve shown you my room already.  I thought it would be fun to show you Sporty Sister’s.  Let me warm you though, I had to do some major cleaning.  SS and I are extremely different in many ways and one of our differences is definitely how we keep our room.  We also have very different styles.  
Her bedroom and bathroom is really classy and fun.

Pretty, white, and fluffy bedding! (Cute black & white soccer pictures, too)

SS’s vanity- Soccer Mom is repainting the hardware.

SS LOVES bees!  They’re hidden all throughout her room!

Monogrammed knobs are perfect for necklaces… 

Who wouldn’t want a chandelier in her bathroom?

Beautiful paneling!
Enjoy your memorial day 🙂
-College Prepster

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Ribbons and Pearls vs. Bees and Beads…now that is different…different you two are…in a good way I will add!!!

Aunt Lori

Love your blog – and your giveaway is fantastic! How I missed the artistic genes is a mystery to me! Seems like parents, sisters and nieces are the creative ones. Oh well, I am sure I have some hidden talent yet to be discovered!


Sporty Sister finally came through…Tee!Hee! Was thinking VERY strange no comment from her as yet…nice to see you are now participating!!! This is all too much fun!!! By the way, “Hi”, Sporty Sister!!!


I am just catching up on the blogs I missed while I was gone and that bathroom is gorgeous! Lucky girl!