More Baked Goods

Birthdays, and especially the parties, are so much fun!  But, I always stress over what to get the birthday girl… I like gifts to be personal and original.  Two of my best friends, Bebe and M, just had their birthdays this week.  Bebe threw a surprise party for M, but I needed presents for both girls.  I went to both of the local malls and numerous shops around town with no luck.
I had recently received my Shift Dress Cookie Cutter from Copper Gifts
The cookie cutter is FABULOUS.  Excellent quality.  The first thing I said to Soccer Mom when I opened it was how sturdy it was and how great it felt.  
SM came up with the idea to make the girls cookies and it was just brilliant!  I used royal frosting and piped their monograms and initials on a few and then adorable designs on the rest.  Unfortunately, my memory card in my camera broke sometime last night 🙁  So these are the only pictures that came out.

I put the cookies into metal pails… How cute are they?

SM helped me wrap them in cellophane and tie them up with a big bow!

M and her cookies! [I had a picture of Bebe, M, and me with their pails, but it didn’t come out well.]
Have a great weekend!
-College Prepster
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Personal gifts are always the best loved and remembered! It is the thought, planning, the execution and finishing the final packaging which involves more time and thought than running to the mall!!! Your gifts were lovely!!!

Preppy Sue

Wow, you are good! Those look terrific!

I received my Lilly cookie cutter about a month ago, but haven’t used it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kappa Prep

I am glad you got your shift cc and put it to good use! I used to always make cookies for birthdays as well. They are such a fabulous gift!