Clutch at Your Heart

I’m not much of a handbag person. I have two Longchamps that basically get rotated every couple of days. I have a bunch of other handbags, but the Longchamps get the most love. For now at least.
I like to have a bag that’s easy to carry around, but that fits a lot of stuff at the same time. It’s almost a joke how prepared I am with my purse. Anything you could possibly need… I have, from earplugs to bandages to stamps to five flavors of chapstick. I’ve got you covered!
Lately, however, I’ve been wanting to carry smaller bags. And after carrying this clutch at the Jack Rogers party in NYC, I realized that clutches can be a lot of fun. Then I hit my favorite online stores for the cutest clutches I could find. Because I must weigh my options before selecting (one or two) to add to my wardrobe!
Hmm… I’m going to have a hard time deciding!
From Top to Bottom:
Which would you choose? What do you typically carry when you downsize to a smaller handbag?

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meg samberg

Speaking of bags and Longchamps…any tips for how you clean yours? I use mine all the time too, and they're getting pretty worn and dirty!


I had already planned on ordering the Tipsy Skipper clutch after seeing them on Summer is a Verb. Thanks for reminding me! I'm usually just a wristlet kind of girl.


I love clutches. My favorites are wristlets so you don't have to set them on or under a table.


That anchor one is so darling! Can't say I'm a fan of clutches, as I prefer to have my hands free, but I loved this one I saw on Collared Greens recently.