Coats for Fall

I am in la-la-land currently. Somewhere between Cloud Nine and… Cloud Ten? But honestly. I think it’s the perfect blend of removing negativity from my life, seeking out new opportunities (and being excited about it!!!), forming new little relationships, and the perfect weather we’re having in the city.
I mean. What could be better?
There is something so charming about New York City during autumn. Everyone has been incorporating more sweaters into their wardrobes and dusting off boots. The mornings and the evenings have been particularly chilly… I’ve had to run back into my apartment a handful of times to grab a blazer or a jacket a few times already!
(Plus, I’ve switched from salads to tomato basil soup every day for lunch… which is most definitely a sign for the changing of seasons.)
One thing I love to do when it gets cold is to pick out a new coat. I’ve had the same peacoat since high school and I have kind of been adding new ones into my closet every fall. I always like to have my new coat in my closet ready to go that first really cold morning.
When I went to Georgetown, I learned my lesson. That first fall, I kept saying to myself that I had time to get a coat, I had time to get a coat. And then I woke up one morning and it was frigid. It came out of the blue and it never warmed back up. I had to wait a few days for the coat to arrive and meanwhile I was layering and layering with sweaters to fend off the cold air.
Scroll through the widget to see the options I’m considering:

Help me choose! I’m leaning towards the last two… Hmmm…

PS THIS IS MY DREAM COAT. Rawr. It’s too expensive 🙁

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they are all super-pretty, but I ADORE the jcrew montgomery coat.
I adore montgomeries so much! they are classical yet casual…purrfection. I have a blue one from Benetton that is super-perfect. The price is not bad (it's not cheap, but it's not really pricey… but as far as I know Benetton's prices are different in other countries -seems that Benetton is way cheaper in Italy than in the rest of the world .-.) and the quality is great!


This reminds me that I need to make time to get to Burlington Coat Factory (there's a few in the city, Union Square, East River Plaza, 23rd and 6th – my fave). I just nabbed a cheap fall/rain coat at Target last weekend, but it won't stand up once the temps start dropping below 40. It's been two years since I bought a new winter coat, in '11 I waited until Black Friday sales to get my new coat, which was a mistake., I got a great deal on a coat I love at Macy's, but I needed a new one sooner than late Nov, AND Black Friday shopping in NYC is truly a nightmare.


I have the 8th option coat you picked out, in navy, and I loooove it! I wear it all the time when it's cold! I definitely recommend it. I also recommend a Goverall duffle coat–so cozy!

Laura Brauner

Hey super late here but, I have a Betsey Johnson coat that is super similar to the Valentino one. Look into her! (I got mine at Macy's on sale/with a coupon/etc, ended up paying like 150?) And its wool, so, toasty 🙂


Louisiana girl moving to DC in January for an internship… looking for the perfect winter coat that does NOT have any wool. I want to be warm, cute and not allergic to my coat. Talk about a dilemma!

Any suggestions?