… Currently (Guilty Pleasure Edition)

After a really fun rooftop party with our friends from Tuckernuck and then a late night quiet dinner in the West Village, I was totally tuckered out. I woke up this morning at 5:30 when my alarm went off with every single light on in my apartment. And my glasses were still on. I woke up thinking I had fallen asleep for ten minutes… but nope it was morning.
This week has been really quite fun though in terms of meetings and afterwork adventures. Plus, I’ve really sunk my teeth into a handful of guilty pleasures.
This is my currently list… guilty pleasure edition:
Reading // Brain on Fire
Eating // Veggie Burgers from Burgerfi
(I totally want to invest in a franchise…)
Listening // Lorde Radio on Pandora

Watching // Once Upon a Time

What are your guilty pleasures?

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J. Parker

My biggest guilty pleasures right now are cupcakes (I've seriously eaten a good half dozen since getting back to DC this week), wearing oversized vineyard vines t-shirts and leggings like I'm back in college (once again, I blame DC), and watching Nashville on Hulu every single night before bed!

Haha but I think I might have time to fit in some Scott Eastwood ogling in there somewhere too! 😉

j. parker

Lavender Bourbon

That book looks super interesting I'll have to add it to my list. I've been cranking up my Lorde Pandora station all week as well!

My guilty pleasures this week (my birthday week) have been too much sun, not enough exercise, and spending a little too much! Oh well, you only turn 24 once 🙂


Olivia Batten

I read Brain on Fire earlier this summer and it was excellent! Susannah Cahalan was on NPR earlier this year (I want to say around March or so) to promote this book and it was what drove me to read the book. I think they still have her interview on the NPR site and I would recommend checking it out, it's fascinating.


I'm currently reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and watching Homeland. Homeland is seriously sooo great if you haven't watched it! Oh and I'm always listening to Lana del Rey!

Prep Essentials

Love this post idea! I just re-watched the two seasons of Once Upon a Time on Netflix and remembered suddenly why I'm so obsessed with it!



Love this post! So fun! My guilty pleasure….coffee always!!! And Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family ( I am 33 so this is a bit embarassing!) and Felicity on Netflix! I will always be obsessed with Keri Russell and Felicity!