Coffee Love

For the next seven or so days, most of my money will be spent in coffee shops around campus…  Lots of group projects, lots of midterms, lots of blogging, lots of late nights.
What drinks are my favorites?
The Classic.
coffee + skim milk + two sweeteners
The Newbie.
chai tea latte + pump of raspberry syrup
(you absolutely MUST try this)
The TooHot&Dangerous.
iced coffee + lots of milk + one sweetener
The Quick Pick Me Up.
super hot skinny vanilla latte
The Can’t Make Up My Mind.
one part coffee + one part chai
The Desperate and Cheap.
one diet coke
{Lilly Thermal Travel Mugs via Preppy Princess}
As for snacks for studying, I’m quite partial to white chocolate covered pretzels or banana chips.  Both are easy to toss into a backpack, last more than three bites, and quench my need for quick fixes of sugar.
I must admit, when desperate…. I tend to eat ice cream by the heaping spoonfuls.
My dependence on caffeine and sugar is quite shameful, but I think it’s all part of being a student…right???
What are your coffee (or non-coffee) favorites?

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White Chocolate Mocha is my drink, or iced coffee with skim and two sugars. I used to do sweeteners but then one time I did sugar by accident and it tasted too good to ever go back!


I really want one of those travel mugs. My favorite coffee drink is just a latte. I add extra milk, but no sweet. It's so delicious!


I have 3/4 travel mug of coffee, one tablespoon of sugar, and top it off with milk every day. I don't usually finish it, but I make it every day.

At Starbucks… oh man, the choices. When I need caffeine – Double shot on ice with a pump of caramel syrup. Its awesome because it is milk+espresso (a lot of it), caramel, and only $2.59 ish. When I'm feeling decadent and the weather is hot – Caramel Frappachino.

Oh and I am way to proud of my Starbucks Gold Card status …


We sure do have a lot in common! Chai tea is my favorite, and I love how you combined it with other things! Very creative, and I will definitely have to give them a try! I have a Lilly Thermal Mug, and I get complimented daily on it! Lovely post!


Skinny Dirty Chai <3 Chai for the fantastic flavor, a shot of espresso to keep me going. And then maybe four more repeated throughout the day? Healthy, right?


I like an iced caramel latte, but that "Newbie" sounds good. I'm much more of a tea drinker honestly; I love a good English Breakfast Tea. Those Lilly Thermal cups are adorable, too!


I'm a big fan of cran-apple juice and gold fish! Great way to get the sugar (from the juice) and the salty from the fish! The flavor-blasted kind are the best… For actual coffee drinks, I really like dark-cherry-mocha from Starbucks. non-fat/no-whip!


Grande americano with cream.
Either Iced or hot. It keeps me awake, it makes me focus and on my toes (literally!!) haha
I also like anything green tea from Starbucks, and the shaken iced passion tea. I live off them during exam weeks.

oh, not to mention a tall coffee with a splash of milk. No sugar, i hate the sweet taste in coffee.