pick me up

Pandora One is slowly, but surely, turning me into a “music person.”  And I am NOT a music person…. or at least I wasn’t.
ya, girl, get it!
(picture via crewcuts, obviously.)
It’s weird though.  I used to not like having the noise, but now I find myself popping headphones on and listening to a few (or more songs) in a row.  Unheard of!!!
First, if you don’t use Pandora. Use it.
(For the record, I didn’t get paid by Pandora…. I don’t get paid by anyone for anything.  I just REALLY love Pandora One.)
Second, if you haven’t already upgraded to Pandora One, do it.  You don’t realize how disruptive commercials are until you don’t have them anymore.  Not to mention, the quality of the music is much better…. and no monthly limit!
Here are some of my favorite “pick me up songs.”  When nothing feels good, everything’s spinning out of control, no light at the end of the tunnel.  You know what I mean?!
Here Comes the Sun
The Middle
Brand New Day
Everything is Alright
The Climb (cheesy, I know).
Yes, listening to those songs might just do the trick!
Do you guys use Pandora/ Pandora One?  What are your favorite “pick me up” songs?

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here comes the sun, ALWAYS. and the climb.
i've also been loving my wicked station a lot lately. not only does it have broadway/musical songs, but they also throw in some disney. lets just say i might freak out a little over songs from beauty and the beast. and one of my current favorite pick me up songs is "you'll be in my heart" by phil collins, from the tarzan soundtrack. loooove it.

hope you have a great weekend! xoxo


everyone always tell me i should use pandora… i've never tried it though, i think it needs to go on my "to do" list for this weekend now though


Ridin' in My Car and This is Not a Test by She & Him, Phantom Limb by The Shins, King of Anything by Sara Bareilles, Around the Bend by Asteroids Galaxy Tour


I love Pandora! Man O Mine and I both have the app on our droids. We each have several stations we've "created" and enjoy the variety. We hook it up in the truck, to speakers in our kitchen, or when out running.
Haven't upgraded yet, but I keep thinking about it.
Pick me up songs, hmmm, I AM a music person, and love a variety of music. I think the one I jump around to the most is "I like to Move It". That one never fails to make me smile (it was in Madagascar)


Hey Carly! Have you ever looked at Grooveshark? It's similar to Pandora but doesn't have ads: instead of playing music at random, you can choose specific songs to play! It's a great alternative to switch things up every once in a while!


I like Pandora, but I'm more of a "my own music" type of girl; I've never cared for radio much. I guess my music taste is a little too eclectic for it to get it right. 🙂

Crystal Konz

"Every time We Touch" by Cascade is the best pick me up song. I can be in a crappy mood, not wanting to go out and as soon as I turn on this song I'm in the bathroom doing my makeup, dancing around. It always puts me in the mood to go out.


"Everything'll Be Alright" Josh Radin

This song has definitely saved me from wanting to bash my head though a wall when I've been crazy stressed out =) I'm definitely also a huge fan of "The Middle". I put all these kinda songs on my morning play list so I listen to them as I'm getting ready for class–it's always a great way to start the day =)