College Prepster Approved School Supplies

Remember back in elementary school when we’d have an extremely long and detailed list of what we needed for the year?  And then in middle school, it got pretty boring.  And by high school, we were given a list of supplies we needed every day for a week (which meant trips to the office store every day)?  Oh, those were (not) the days.
College gives you much more freedom when it comes to what you need to get.  Instead of teachers mandating certain types of binders (1.5″ only, clear pockets, NO plastic covering, must be navy, 7 dividers, page protectors for XYZ, blah blah blah) and “acceptable” pens, we get to choose what works for US.
My list of necessary school supplies are as follows:
Pilot Precise V5 pens
Papermate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils
Lilly Pulitzer Large notebooks
Perfect pencil pouch
Don’t forget to pick out your favorite backpack or tote!
What are your essentials?

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I've been thinking of writing a post on my favorite school supplies. I love shopping for it, love using it.

I love Precise V5- they're my favorite. I always try to buy a super-pack at BJ's before school starts!

Mrs. Kindergarten

School supplies could very well be one of the reasons I became a teacher! After my own education, college, and now 20+ years of teaching buying my new supples for my desk and tote (all Lilly this year) still gives me goosebumps! Life really is what you make it, I make mine colorful!

Mrs. Kindergarten


A must-have are the Staedtler fineliner pens. Pretty colors for taking notes (or doodling in your planner), and they come in a cute little easel-like plastic stand for setting on your desk.

madras 'n pearls

I am many years out of college but I get excited about picking out office supplies every fall and replenishing during the spring for work. Surrounding yourself with pretty things never gets old.


I love buying school supplies! I especially like coloured pens and a good agenda! This year I'm going with the ever popular Erin Condren one!


I'm in love with Uniball pens, Papermate clearpoint, and Post-it highlighters! As for the rest, I'm pretty low key, but I do have a Lilly planner.

Isle of View

My favorites are the Uni-Ball Signo 207 pens…they write like a charm and are smudge-proof! I have a terrible habit of rewriting and smudging. Love BIC pencils and Post-Its of all shapes and sizes! I also love enviro-friendly paper, folders and binders! Love your pencil pouch…super cute!


I just did my back to school shopping yesterday! My elephant lily agenda is already jammed full of birthdays and parties, unfortunately I had to switch to a Adidas backpack from my Patagonia because of all of my textbooks. 🙁