Subway Art : Sporty Sister Edition

Sporty Sister moved into an apartment (she’s a sophomore at UF) and I was enlisted to make her a subway art sign.
If you remember, I made one with the family rules last summer.  I used Lil Blue Boo’s tutorial again.  Ashley does a great job describing the actual steps, so check her blog out if you want to do this as well.  I’d like to add an additional necessary thing for making it: PATIENCE.
Oh boy, does it require patience.  I thought it would be easier the second time around, but honestly, it was just as time consuming.  I’ll walk you through the process:
We spent a few minutes (or days) brainstorming what SS wanted it to say!  This was a surprisingly challenging step.  Once you figure it out, I used Photoshop to type all the lines and then change the size of the lines to fill up the whole width.  I saved it as a PDF and brought it to Kinkos to have it blown up.
(Lil Blue Boo uses wood, but the canvas is much simpler for non-handy people like myself.)

This is actually me… honestly not posed, SS took it while I drew the lines to make sure I placed the letters straight.

Sticky adhesive spray is used to mount the paper to the contact paper.  Let dry!!!

Space them out on the canvas again, and then use a pencil to make marks for every letter so you know where they go.  I make little lines to line the bottom of the letters up later.

Here’s the annoying part.  Cut out every letter.  Phew.  I suggest watching episodes of Mad Men while accomplishing this.  The insides are the hardest part!

Peel the back of the contact paper off and start sticking the letter to the canvas.

Wait three days for it to stop raining, give up, and take to the garage to spray paint.
Peel the letters off and….

There you have it!!!
I love that SS chose the periwinkle instead of black.  So pretty.  My favorite line is “PLAY BIG” because it is actually big.
The total cost of this is like $40 (canvas, spray paint, contact paper, adhesive spray, and kinkos print).
Has anyone else attempted the project?  What do you think of this one?

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It looks great Carly! I don't know if I would have the patience to do this, you are a great big sister that's for sure.

xx Emily @

Annica Benning

I saw the one you did last year and wanted to try it but it looks like soooo much work!

Did you consider just getting letter stickers or stencils?