College Prepster Playlist No. 1

Taking a cue from Unabashedly Prep, I’m going to start putting together playlists every once in a while!
There’s something extremely personal and revealing about sharing music in my opinion.  It kind of freaks me out how different people like different music… like what does it do to people’s brains to create that strong of a connection?

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This was unbelievably well timed. As I attempt to study for finals I was going through all my usual albums, playlists, and pandora stations, but none of them were working for me for some reason. So far, your playlist is working fantastically for me, so thank you. =)

Southern Charm

Carly this is fantastic! Perfect for getting me through finals right now. And looks like we have similiar music tastes, because I love all of these songs and now need to purchase me. Thank you for the most perfectly timed playlist!! 🙂


So fun! I'm seriously going to pull it up and listen to it while I run around the house in a little bit. You should make a holiday one, too! XO