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I got an iPad… and hopefully I’ll be getting an iPhone super soon… (hint hint Soccer Dad…)
I have the plain smart cover for the iPad and while it’s great for a temporary cover, I’d really like an amazing (and protective) case.  I’m not completely against a boring case, but I’d prefer a cute-sy one as long as my little iPad is safe and sound!
Any iPad users out there?  What cases do you use and like?  Did you buy one that you ended up not liking?  What types of “features” should I look for?
These are ones I’ve looked into so far:
And for iPhones…….. I want the perfect case!!!
Sporty Sister wants to get an OtterBox, and I’m happy to report that Lipstick Shades carries OtterBox cases that are CUTE!  You can completely customize it to however you’d like.
Thoughts?  Advice?

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Lauren L

Hi Carly! M-Edge has some great iPad covers. My little sister bought me this one in pink: . I am obsessed with it! I highly recommend taking a look at it.


I've been lusting after the Kate Spade one forever!! Just make sure it's a case that covers your screen – they call it "scratch proof," but when I bought the super cute Lilly silicone sleeve and put it on my iPad, the screen got totally destroyed in my bag. I have the iPad 1 with the classic Apple cover, and having the option to prop it up has been super useful, so you might want to look into that as well.

Happy shopping! Off to to order a monogrammed laptop decal…

Katy Z

I use a Lilly cover and I really like it! It has nice padding in it. I have actually had an unfortunate situation where I dropped it (EEEKS, I know!) and the cover protected it perfectly! Nothing happened to my iPad at all. So essentially make sure there is padding. I have the smart cover on mine as well – I think it's better than just temporary. It's really useful and provides a lot of protection. Especially if putting it in a bookbag with books and such. Also get a screen protector. Protects it from scratching and just getting stuff on the screen. The screen protector keeps the smudges off of it too.


I have the Otterbox cover for my Iphone, and it has saved me a bundle! I tend to drop my phone a bunch (I'm a bit lacking in grace sometimes) but with the otterbox cover, my phone doesn't have a scratch yet and I've had it since March. Seriously, they are amazing! The only thing is they make the phone a bit bulky, but it's totally worth it.



I have a similar Kate spade sleeve (black with white polka dots) that I use along with my smart cover. I love it! For my iPhone, I have the leopard print case from J.Crew. I also have a hard Kate Spade case but prefer my J.Crew one because it's less bulky. You should also check out the J.Crew Dodo cases! They are really cool and are made using traditional bookmaking processes.


I have the first ipad and the iphone 4….I have a vera bradley case for my ipad but this is the third type of case I've gotten….make sure the one you get isn't too bulky but I'd say in general the Kate Spade case would be pretty protective but I like the look of the lipstick one better. And for the iphone I'm not a fan of otter boxes because they are absolutely HUGE, I just have a Kate Spade case and it's worked out fine for a year 🙂

Good Luck Deciding!

xx Emily @


I've got the first iPad as well as the iPhone4… don't bother with the Lilly silicone cases for the iPhone. I've had mine since May and the paint is rubbing off all around the edges. I was really disappointed in the quality.

Otterboxes are definitely the way to go for your phone. Though I wouldn't worry about the screen at least on the iPhone… its hung around in my pocket and my purse for the past year without any scratches I can notice.

As for the iPad, I just use a cheap portfolio style case. I highly recommend getting something that can prop it up as well. I use mine as a laptop a whole lot though, so thats a must have feature for me.

Enjoy! If you need app recommendations, has an article on the best apps for each device.


i spent houuuuurs searching for the perfect iphone case. i finally settled a on a kate spade one, but i'm still hunting for the PERFECT one.


I have an otterbox on my iPad. It's just basic pink and black, but I like basic so I don't get tired of it, plus my iPad is safe! I wouldn't advise getting a case with a built in keyboard. My first case had one, and while it could be useful, it took up too much space and ended up being just plain annoying.


I also have an iPad and have been on the hunt for a really cute one and one that will also protect it! I've had mine for a couple of months and i just have the smart cover and a regular pouch from it. Keeps it safe, but I'm not happy with it. I started my hunt for a cute one and found the Jess LC-Quincy iPad Case!! I love it! Unfortunately I've never seen it in person so if anyone has can you please give me your thoughts! It's on my christmas list! 🙂

made from book binding materials and utterly chic.
another really cute option! who doesn't love gatsby? lol they also offer the original book cover as a case for iPad
Tory Burch
Ted Baker
Marc Jacobs

For iPhones, there are tons of choices out there!
I have a Marc By Marc Jacobs case on my phone now and i love it.

I was obsessed with one of last season's LP cases, but i haven't heard good things about the Lilly cases unfortunately, I hear that the paint ships off almost immediately and they aren't super protective, which is a total shame because I think they're so cute.

My mom has a Kate iPhone case and absolutely loves it! The one you guys featured in the Sweet Lemon gift guide is on my Christmas list, too!!


My iPhone and iPad 2 cases are the leopard cases from J. Crew. I've had the phone case since July and it's been great; rubbery but solid. I just got the leopard iPad back cover. I didn't realize it at first but the cover leaves space along the edge of the iPad to clip on the Apple cover, if you wish to do so.

AD (


I don't have an IPad, so I can't speak to the practicality of the Kate Spade IPad case BUT I do have the Kate Spade IPhone cover in that same newsprint print. I love the newsprint, it is unique and I get many compliments on it (from all sorts of people, colleagues, boys, strangers on the street!).


For my iPad… I have the pink smart cover.
To protect it when I'm not using it… I have the Lilly Pulitzer iPad Sleeve in (Hotty Pink Luscious). It matches perfectly with the Pink Smart cover. Inside the iPad sleeve there is a little pocket for headphones. The iPad fits in the sleeve even when you have the smart cover on. I love it!


I definitely recommend getting a case with a prop-up feature. It's incredibly useful.
At first I deemed my iPad just for fun but then I started taking it to the library with me to take notes because it was so light I barely noticed I had it in my bag with all of my other books. It worked out so well. Now I can't live without my iPad but I'll happily go on vacation without my laptop.

Les Soeurs Fideles

I have an Otterbox for my iPhone currently and I love it. I have had my phone for 2 years and not a scratch has been on it. If you are the type of person that kills phones, I would suggest getting a Otterbox Defender series case and not just the Commuter Series that Lipstick Shade offers. I know it's cute, but at the end of the day, the goal is to have you and the phone all in one piece 🙂 But go with the Otterbox no matter what!!!
For the iPad, I would go with the cute Lipstick Shade case and then get a nice cover up case to go over it 🙂 An otterbox would be bulky

Isle of View

Tory Burch has some amazing cases and they're very secure! Restoration Hardware has one that I really want that has the blue tooth keyboard attached in the case which makes it handy for meetings, class and just general use. One tip: don't get the kind that only hold the iPad in via elastic straps…they don't work as planned!

Cathy Biggins

BEWARE!! I was disappointed in Lipstickshades quality. Its the lowest end of the Otterbox, it voids the warranty, and the design came over the sides a little. They post all over their site that they give NO refunds or exchanges…and they mean it. The case I got was hot pink on the sides and they did not CLEARLY relay that this is what it would be like, so my color choices on monogramming were no match at all. They do not offer a phone number for contact, and they immediately find an "out" somewhere in their policies that makes them not have to do a thing. No customer service at all. Very disappointed. Too much money for the quality of product.