College Prepster Playlist No. 3

My Pandora One subscription has run out… and I haven’t been able to “pull the trigger” to buy another year.  However, I am getting extremely sick of listening to the commercials.  Especially since it thinks I’m in Tampa, so it keeps playing Tampa-related advertisements.  Seriously getting on my nerves.
I keep a special “notes” file open in my gmail account where I collect good songs to make new playlists.  I finally got a good number to make another playlist 🙂  I love pulling up Spotify and listening to my favorite songs.  In fact, sometimes I forget that I’ve personally curated the songs and I will think to myself, “Oh man, Pandora is on today.”  And then I remember it’s not Pandora and it’s perfect because I picked the songs out myself!!!
Without further ado…

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omg, just stumblet over this blog and im in love!!!!!!! I LOVE your green and pink color theme!!! i am staying tuned, this is great!!!need to check out this playlist too!!! 🙂

thanks for sharing hun!!

love K


You might want to give Lisa Hannigan a listen…her style is similar to Ingrid Michaelson and she writes the most adorable little songs. Very easy listening, good for just about anything!