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One of my latest obsessions: Trench Coats
Okay, now I’ve always thought that I was not the type of girl who could pull one off.  I always see these young professionals rushing around downtown DC with their trench coats on.  (Or old men…)  The classic coats felt “out of my league” a bit, I guess.  Rainy weather?  I’d just throw on a rain jacket!
But then I started coveting one.  I ended up getting one on Black Friday (yes, as in months ago) and I still was kind of at a lost of how to wear it.  I will readily admit that I was sort of intimidated by the beige coat hanging in my closet.
And then I pulled it out one day.
And never looked back.
I wear it all the time.  The trench is perfect for the mild winter and frequent rain we’re experiencing in DC. Frankly, I even wear the coat when there isn’t a cloud in the sky!
In this picture, I’m wearing the trench over this outfit.
My trench is from Banana Republic!
Outfit Inspiration:

I’m also dying over these J. Crew Matinee Trench Coats!  I definitely want to get one for the spring, but I can’t decide on a color…. Modern Red or Navy…. Hmmm…
Anyone else have a trench?  How do you wear it?  And which color do you like best for the Matinee trench?

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Emily Wagman

I have the navy matinee trench – I bought it before I went abroad to the UK in the fall, and it was quite possibly the greatest purchase ever. I'd go with the navy, but maybe that's just because I love mine so much!

Southern Prep

I LOVE trenches! They are so classic, a khaki one is a great place to start! I got a houndstooth one in Paris and I wear it at least twice a week, SO flattering!

Sarah McGovern

I have that Banana trench! It replaced the Gap one that I had left in my accounting class and never saw again. (not the only awful thing accounting did to me. You can account-me-out. Worst class.)

celestial dancer :)

Trenchs are the best! I have a shiny gray one that I pair with a gray scarf with silver stripes, and black knee length boots. I have never failed to get compliments, and envious stares. Again, the best! 🙂

The City Boy

i love trench coats as well, but i still dont own a single one. Ive been going back and forth about purchasing a Burberry one.

Hope your semester is going well!


I've been obsessed with trenches ever since I got my first one from Zara. It's a shorter, tan one though so I'd love to get a longer tan one! I'm coveting the navy matinee trench!


I love trench coats! I think they're the easiest way to polish an otherwise casual outfit. The first one I owned was actually under $40, a cognac colored trench from Old Navy that fit like a glove. I've since also upgraded to a beige Burberry trench which is possibly my most worn item. I love them in fall with a scarf and boots, or in spring with boyfriend/weekend jeans (slightly loose and cuffed to expose the ankle), flats, and a bright cardigan. Fail-proof outfits for a college campus 🙂

Melanie (uptowning)

I love my trench! Mine's from Michael Kors and has a removable wool lining, so I can wear it as my default coat in the winter and on those odd rainy days in the summer. I tie the belt into a neat little bow – it takes a bit of practice at first but looks super cute!
P.S. Re: the matinee trench… for me, I would get the blue, but I think you would suit the red! xx


I just love my trench! I'm studying abroad in Edinburgh right now and the weather is so unpredictable…I'm so thankful to have a nice looking coat that keeps me dry in case of rain 🙂
Mine's a classic London Fog and has a lovely wool lining! I'm in love.
Cheers! xx


I managed to get a Burberry on ebay a few years ago for under $100. It's bright red, and so amazing that I occasionally use it as an excuse to wear a lame outfit and just not take my coat off.


I vote for the navy! The orange is great, but it rains during every season in DC, and the navy will go with dark fall colors and nautical summer Vineyard Vines prints (and won't overwhelm them). Also, a trench is something you'll have forever, and orange might not be your favorite in a few years!

Chic Crafty Chick

In recent weeks I had discovered your blog and I love it. I have the same style that you do and love the prep look. I'm so glad I found your blog.

I had to come back to this post because I thought of you on Monday when I was walking through the mall and saw a beautiful pink trench coat at New York & Co. I don't know if you've seen it, but looking at your blog it looks like something you would enjoy. I know I loved the pink. That pop of color was so pretty.

I have a black waist length trench that I got at Charming Charlie. I have really enjoyed it. It has been great for this yo yoing weather we have in Virginia. And I know you know all about that!


I have the same trench and though I've owned trenches in different colours, this was my first khaki and I hope that nothing ever happens to it because I'll be hard pressed to find one that can compete with it. Such a classic shape and design. So versatile and classic.