Postagram Review

After my Instagram Photostrip post, I was contacted by a representative from Postagram to try out their mobile app.  They sent me a couple of credits so I could send a few postcards.
Hello, no brainer.
I love Instagram.
I love postcards.
With the app, you sign in and purchase credits to mail cards.  It’s only 99 cents, and includes the printing and postage.  I figure that this is a pretty good deal considering you get the postage AND a personalized card… and you don’t have to find a place to mail it 🙂
You can also use FB photos so you don’t even need an Instagram account!!!
This is what the screen of my phone looked like while I selected my picture and added text.  You go through the steps and add the recipient’s address and everything.
Super simple… the hardest part is choosing what picture to send!
It arrived!  I sent one to my mom while I was in New York City.  I didn’t tell her that I had sent it so it was an added surprise for her.
Soccer Mom reading the postcard!
The picture part pops out and the message is also printed on the back!!!  This is my favorite part.
Oh, it’s too fun!
Guess what!!!  I want to send someone else a Postagram!  Leave a comment on this post and I will choose one recipient on February 3.  Be sure to leave your email address so I can find you if you win 🙂

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That is such a cute idea! I need to start using this.
caseyallison (at) cox (dot) net

(Sorry, I didn't want to get spam mail)


Hi Carly! This is beyond cool. I'm an aspiring Hoya and to receive your postcard would be an utmost honor! Hope to see more posts about apps.


This looks like such a fun app! This is a great way to have Instagrams in your hand. Love it!
slryan3 (at) gmail (dot) com !


Hi Carly!

I love your blog! I have been reading it for now over a year, I never miss an entry! I feel like we are living the same life! I abslutley LOVE all of your wonderful fashion tips! Receiving a letter from you would be absolutly AMAZING!! !:) Thank you!! 🙂


Devan Fuselier


What a cute idea! I will definitely be participating in this in the near future 🙂 You make the most out of your life and that is truly spectacular. In the years that I have followed and read your blog you have made me realize that making the most out of every moment is truly important. THis is a great way to do just that and to share and exchange your experiences with others!

[email protected]



This is absolutely adorable, Carly! I love the idea because my family just recently moved 6 hours away from my college (which at one point was relatively close to home). This app sounds great for me to be able to send them quick little updates about my life without always having to use the phone! Thanks for the tip! [email protected]


That's a brilliant idea! You know, I like my Android, but when it comes to things like Instagram and now this, it makes me wish I had an iPhone!

Would love to see what this looks like in person. Might add it to my "pros" list for possibly switching phones…

kate [at)