College Prepster Playlist No. 9

I’ve been glued to my desk it seems like. Whether I’m working at Levo or working in my apartment, I’ve found that I’m spending a few too many hours simply sitting. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to come up with some sort of solution to this problem. Fortunately, in the meantime, I’ve been listening to some amazing songs. (Mumford & Sons station on Pandora has been my go-to.) I have spent the past few weeks collecting songs with Shazam and I’m finally happy with this playlist.
What songs are you really into right now? Share please! I’m always interested in learning about new artists!
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I've been listening to Lucy Schwartz non-stop lately. I love her songs especially "My Darling" and "Seven Hours".

Miranda Haley

I'm super excited for the Les Miserables movie so I downloaded the song "I Dreamed a Dream". I also love the song "Love, Save the Empty" by Erin McCarley, its in the movie "He's just not that into you"

Brianna Kolota

Hi Carly! My name is Brianna, and I'm a junior at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

My go-to work playlist always includes music by Ryan Adams, David Gray and Pete Yorn. Check out these songs:

Ryan Adams – Two, Everybody Knows, Fix It, Wonderwall, Do I Wait
David Gray – Babylon, Fugitive, Say Hello Wave Goodbye, Destroyer, Sail Away
Pete Yorn – the entire "musicforthemorningafter" album, Paradise Cove, Don't Wanna Cry, Stronger Than

Enjoy 🙂


I am kind of obsessed with Taylor Swift's new album, Red, but more specifically the songs: Red, Everything Has Changed, (and) Begin Again. Definitely check out the music video for Begin Again; I think it is right up your alley! (It takes place in Paris!!)


I just listened to the latest Crystal Castles' Album and XX's self titled album. I'm always listening to Shuman and Chopin.

Also Bonobo "Black Sands" is a great chill, ambient album.

Down Under in the South

Hi Carly! I love all of your playlists and Pandora recommendations! Have you heard of Songza? I am currently listening to a playlist created by theSkimm. There are tons of lists from which to choose! You just have to take your pick!