Five Ways to Have a Cozy Afternoon

I was going to title this “Five Ways to Have a Cozy Night”… but with Daylight Saving Time here, it gets dark unbelievably early. The sun sets just after I hit my daily “4pm wall” and by then I’m ready to trade in itchy tights for my comfortable pajamas. If I’m home, I have to fight the urge to crawl in bed.
But during the weekends (and occasionally during the week if I’m lucky), I get to have a cozy afternoon. It’s my favorite luxury to get back in bed when it’s not nighttime. On normal days, I work at my desk or maybe my kitchen table… and if I’m feeling lazy, the couch. But not the bed. (Way too tempting to snooze.) However, when I get the chance to just snuggle, it’s the best!!! I think not allowing myself to do it frequently makes it that much more special and exciting when I finally get the chance.
1) Drink a cup of chai tea | Is there anything better than a cup of chai tea? Nope. It’s autumn-y. And pure wonderfulness. Not as aggressive as a cup of coffee (this is a cozy day, not aggressive), but still gives you that little shoulder squeeze that feels oh-so-good.
2) Slip into something comfortable | Well, this goes almost without saying. Confession: I have a bit of a lazy uniform. Leggings, crazy socks, long sleeve shirt, and a fleece. Best for snuggling. Perfect for lounging without flat out wearing pajamas. If you absolutely must run downstairs to pick up a package, you can. (Plus the extra layers are super warm and, well, cozy!)
3) Read a book that you can’t put down | Yes, you could watch a movie… or your favorite television show. But I think there’s something super comforting and downright cozy about reading a book in bed. The better the book, the better the coziness. You will be comfortable, but you won’t be tempted to close your eyes…. page turner!
4) Set the mood with a great playlist | Even if I’m reading, I’ve grown to really like a little bit of background noise. I used to need complete silence, but after living in dorms for so long and reading on the subway, it’s a little creepy when it’s too quiet! Pick some of your favorite songs and turn the volume down pretty low. Just some nice background music!
5) Make grilled cheese and tomato soup | When you get hungry, and cozy days always bring around hunger, I think the only real option is grilled cheese and tomato soup. Chilly days basically require these two foods. In fact, I will admit that my entire diet pretty much consists of grilled cheese and tomato soup. First of all, it’s easy peasy. Second of all, it’s downright delicious.
What are your tricks for a cozy afternoon?

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I love all the suggestions on your list – those some of my favorite ways to relax. Also, I would add candles in there. I love how cozy candles are. It's almost as good as having a fire, but without all the hassle and mess. Plus, they smell pretty. 🙂


This is exactly how I like to spend a cozy afternoon or evening! The only difference between us is I prefer vegetable soup over tomato.


Briana C. Price

Oh, how I need this right now! I am in the process of moving internationally and this transition period is killing me. As soon as I make it to my new location I will be taking a nice slow weekend.

Briana C.

P.S. I love Chai tea. Especially around this time of year. It is just perfect. 😉


Oh my gosh I love this post! It couldn't have come at a better time. I'm having a terrible sick day and I've been online shopping all day. Grilled cheese and a good book sound like a much better way to spend the day!!