Outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. (Side note: if you’ve been in Starbucks recently, you would think that Christmas was…. I don’t know…. tomorrow. Sheesh!) I’m going to Tampa at the end of the week for one of my best friends’ wedding. So that’s kind of at the top of my mind right now. However, instead of flying back and forth between Tampa and NYC I’m staying there to save money on flights. Thank you technology for allowing us to work remotely!
I really can’t believe how quickly Thanksgiving creeped up. I think having the hurricane hit definitely sped things up– that crazy week was an absolute blur. Thanksgiving, in addition to being just a fun holiday in general, is very synonymous with “turning points” in my mind. It’s definitely the time of November where we switch into holiday mode… and it always would signify the wrapping up of classes. I would try to relish those Thanksgiving days as much as possible, because returning back to school always meant one thing: Final Exams.
But, in another way, Thanksgiving was a HUGE part of my survival of freshman year at Georgetown. I was really, really, really homesick that first semester. (Note: this is a major understatement.) All I wanted to do was just go home. I remember counting down the days until I would finally just get to be back in my house, in my bed, in my familiar town.
Then I went home. And realized how awesome college was (or rather, how awesome it could be). Suddenly, Tampa felt small. My friends (even though I loved them) were doing different things than me. Overall, it was strange to go from “independence” back to having curfews and parents worrying about where you were going to be. When I went back to Washington, DC I went with a newfound appreciation. I needed that Thanksgiving break to remind me why I chose to go to an out of state school.
Anyway…. I am thankful for Thanksgiving for just that reason!
On to the fun stuff(ing): What to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!
I know that families have different traditions and varying levels of “fanciness.” Our family is super, super casual. No fuss. Everyone can simply relax and eat way more than we should. But, I do like to get a little bit more dressed up than usual. Actually, my sister and I typically go out with my dad to take Christmas card pictures while my mom finishes cooking things. I end up just keeping on whatever I’m wearing. 
With this outfit, you could really go up or down with casual-ness depending on your needs. Add a fleece vest to make it more casual. Swap out the chambray shirt for a simple blouse and layer with gold jewelry for nicer family gatherings.
There’s something to be said about simple. Understated is underrated. Plus, that dress could totally hide a Thanksgiving dinner food baby. Am I right? No need for elastic. Drape-y dresses to the rescue! But the shoes? Oh, those shoes. Beautiful. Check out the gold heel– amazing!
I like this outfit because it’s a little dressier (you could totally play up the accessories here), but it’s also super simple. Not too much thinking and not too much effort involved. Plus it’s comfortable. And the pieces can be worn separately with other articles of clothing you own. (The popover shirts are my favorite!)
What are you planning on wearing to Thanksgiving dinner?

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Julia D.

Love all of these options. Canadian Thanksgiving has already happened, but I hope your celebrations of the holiday are wonderful.