Color Coordinated

I’m off!
Today I’m heading to an undisclosed location. Although, I’m terrible at keeping secrets and you can probably guess where I am if you follow me on FourSquare or Twitter.
Anyway, I’m only going to be gone for a few days and so I want to travel light. Traveling light is NOT easy for me. (And I’m guessing I’m not the only girl who struggles with this!) I mean, just thinking about shoes alone…. hello, sometimes I feel like I need a separate SHOE SUITCASE.
The easiest solution is to pack clothes that fall within the same color range… that way you can wear the same shoe over and over again and be just fine! The key for me is to start with a few options of my most comfortable and versatile shoes. For this trip, I needed a close-toed shoe that I could easily put a few miles of walking in every day.
This narrowed my choices down to:
Both are really great options. The Jack Rogers won in the end because I wanted to wear my navy outfits!
Three outfits + One Pair of Shoes
This is one of my favorite dresses. It’s a great material and fits oh-so-well. I paired it with this new tweed blazer I got from Zara (!!!).

I love this Lilly Pulitzer shirt dress. I’ve had it for a while, but have only recently begun wearing it. 
(I wore it a while back at school!)

The inside is my favorite!

The third outfit is a FUN pair of pants. I mean really, J. Crew hit it out of the park with these! They’re the Café Capri which I love love love. The print is super loud and bold so the plain navy blouse is great and the neutral shoes couldn’t be better!
Does anyone else color coordinate your suitcases? Can you pack just one pair of shoes???

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I just did that this past weekend! Everything I packed was navy so all I needed were my navy accessories… of course I still packed way more than I needed to but at least I could the outfits were all interchangeable! 🙂


Packing shoes is such a hassle…I add one pair to my suitcase, then another and another until my suitcase has only shoes in it, haha. Coordinating colors for all the outfits is a great idea!



So cute! Love color coordinating! I'm going on a trip to China for two weeks, and I'm only bringing a carryon and my backpack, so literally every single clothing item in my suitcase is either navy, pink, or a neutral color.


Very cute outfits!

On a different note: I just read the college prep for this week and the "love language" thing is so true. There is a book called The 5 Love Languages and it talks all about them.


Packing light is so hard for me as well! Let's chalk it up as a girl thing 😉 I love those Jack Roger flats…adorable!

Julia D.

I definitely agree, it is very difficult to pack light. Colour coordinating definitely helps to cut down on the amount of stuff you bring, not only with shoes but with all items in general because you have more outfit combinations from a smaller amount. Can't wait to hear where you went! Hope you're having fun!


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