The other day, someone asked me on Tumblr to predict what shoe was going to be popular for the fall.
I think riding boots, loafers, and desert boots will still be as popular as ever. (At least I very much intend on wearing mine still!!!)
But I think a new trend is going to be the loafer/slipper look. The shoes have a classic cut, they’re super comfortable, and they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns!
A ton of brands have been creating their own version, so there’s really something for everyone at every price point.
The Cole Haan Air Morgan Slipper Ballets are just under $150. I love Cole Haan shoes because they are made with Nike Air technology… this means you can spend a lot of time on your feet and feel super comfortable! Who wouldn’t love a candy colored pair?

I think the Charles Philip flats are just precious. The prices range in the mid $100s based on the style. The gold metallic flats would be great for nights out on the town if you’re walking around and want to be cute and comfortable at the same time. Oh I love the stripes; so old school! But the tassels might just be my favorite. I love navy and brown combined!

The Dolce Vita shoes all come in under $80. I tried the striped tassel pair on in the store and fell in love. SO CUTE!!! The snake skin isn’t really my style, but I do love the pointed toe. The plain turquoise tassel is just adorable too. 

Of course, Target is all over it too! I think Target has been doing a great job with their clothes and shoes… but it’s important to remember that the quality is probably not as great as another brand. But if you’re going to be sparingly wearing the shoes (which just might be the case!), there’s no harm in getting a cheaper version! (Just note that they will likely be tossed at the end of the season!) Each of these are under $20 and the mint pair looks strikingly similar to the DV one!

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Love them!! I really want the Cole Haan ones and I did a post on the Charles Phillip ones recently. They are super cute.

I love the desert boots you posted too. I don't have any but I'll have to check them out. Sound super cute with tights.



I've never had a pair but after this post and some recent wears from Sarah Vickers, I'm looking forward to nabbing a pair for myself. I love how versatile they are.


I love the loafer trend, but it's so hard finding a pair that's comfortable. I will definitely have to look into the Cole Haan pair!


That's a great style, would go with anything. I'm going to have to hunt around the shops here in the UK-we don't quite have the same high street fashion. But after your last few posts, I've decided that I need a Target!

Jung Hyun Seo

Wow, they're so colorful. I want all of them! Honestly though, a lot of my shoes are brown: brown boat shoes, brown moccasins, brown flats, brown flip flops….i mean, they're all a bit different in shades, but seriously, how different can brown get. I counted my brown shoes today, and realized a third of them are brown. is it really just me, or does everyone else feel like they have too many brown shoes!!




So, you may remember that post I did about transitioning the Vineyard Vines skirt…
Well the first “Early Fall” polyvore had loafers.  I had just watched Nancy Drew and was really feeling the loafers.  And then I obsessed over finding a pair.
I searched all over Georgetown, popping in and out of stores, calling stores, etc.  No luck.
ZAPPOS to the rescue!!!
I ordered these.  They’re Eastland Classic II in Tan Leather.  And I love them.  They’re absolutely perfect.  I had to order a half size down (that’s what is so great about Zappos.  Free shipping both ways!)
Okay, so once you get your loafers… what to wear them with???
I find that they go with almost everything!
loafer 1

loafer 2

loafers 3


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I've been on the fence about getting a pair of loafers for a while, but you've sold me on them!
Love love love Zappos (and the chain bracelet).


like the idea but i think they'd make me look like a lil boy! hahaha may not be able to pull them off…

love the polyvore sets.


I find that loafers go with anything that Sperry's go with and add a dressy touch! I have had that exact same pair of Eastland's since I was 4 or 5 (obviously new sizes 🙂 ). My mom was obsessed when I was a kid and I have just never outgrown loving them!