A new stack

Remember my post a while back about stacks?
I’ve added a new bracelet into the mix!
It’s the Kate Spade “Give it a Whirl” bracelet!!!!  I picked it up while I was in New York City.  I just love it so much.  
There are little phrases engraved around the bracelet: 
play hooky
smile at a stranger
sing outside the shower
skirt the rules
have cake for breakfast
It seems quite fitting that I bought this while on my spontaneous trip to NYC.  The trip was extremely unlike me…. I mean, hello!!!, I went alone!

Here’s my new stack du jour.  It fits in quite well with my “Live Your Dreams” cuff!
I like having these daily reminders right around my wrist, so if I’m having a not-so-good moment, I can look down and remember to give it a whirl and live my dreams.

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You keep adding to that stack.
My hubby says mine is going to be to my elbow soon, (in my dreams)!

I just added an alligator cuff…oh she is soooo preppy and feeds my little addiction, I mean collector-side.

Mrs. Kindergarten


Aw I love this! All those pieces are beautiful. That ks bangle is to die! I actually have that gold cuff except mine says "Live the life you imagine" I don't wear it everyday but now I'm thinking I might!


What a pretty bracelet! I love the sayings on it! I think you do need to eat cake for breakfast at least once…I once did and oh goodness it was so disgusting especially when there was no orange juice to wash it down with! Hahaha, good experiences 🙂


That is a beautiful bracelet! The calligraphy on it is quite pretty. I am a new reader to this blog and I have to thank you for your daily posts. It's a wonderful treat to read your blog every day. Also, can I just comment on your lovely Cartier tank watch? The strap is the perfect shade of rust-brown.

The Pink Tutu

Loving your newest bracelet! I thrive on inspirational quotes so I love all of Kate Spade's bangles with the quotes inside.
P.S. Your NYC trip looked like so much fun. Cheers to treating yourself to a much-deserved mini-vacay!


Woah, what's with the fur? 😐
You can't deny that that's just too much. Get rid of it girl, not a good fashion statement.