NEW YORK CITY part two

After shopping around Madison Ave, I scooted over to Central Park to relax, people watch, and just rest my feet.
The morning started off pretty chilly and windy, but it was shaping up into a beyond perfect day.  Look closely in the picture…. see the man performing Tai Chi?
Of course, I just had to sneak a peek at the Alice in Wonderland statue.  I’ve been a huge Alice fan recently (mostly thanks to Phoebe in Wonderland).
Can’t you just tell how absolutely perfect it was outside???  I could have sat there for hours and hours and hours…… 
But there was too much to do, and so little time!
Off to The Plaza I went!  I had a reservation for afternoon tea in the Palm Court.  I got there a smidge early so that I could explore the Eloise nook downstairs!
Official Eloise costumes…. Little V, think you can fit into a size 4t?
The whole place was beyond precious.
Tea was absolutely divine.  I highly recommend for anyone visiting the city!!!
A cab ride into SoHo and I ended up at….
Kate Spade, obviously!
The store was so perfect.  Totally Kate Spade.  And the people working there were nice, friendly, and helpful (unlike the Lilly employees).
I did some more walking and shopping and eating and then took a very late (and long) train ride back to DC….
I really want to work and live in New York City after graduating.  And this trip reaffirmed that.  I love it so much.  If you want to walk around with a tutu on your head humming Taylor Swift songs into a kazoo, you can do that in New York.  If you want to just sit in a HUGE park and people watch, you can do that in New York.  Go to museums, or parties, or bars, or restaurants, or plays, or musicals (or all of the above in the same day) you can do that in New York.
PS  Check out Emmy Lou’s blog!!!  She’s giving away a copy of my book!!!

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Wow, it looks like you had a fabulous day! I would love to visit the Eloise plaza. And your the first person that I know that has already watched Phoebe in Wonderland! Isn't it great? So touching!

adwoa adasi

Dear College prepster I love your Blog I check it almost every morning its a requirement Just as I have a cup of tea every morning I can't do without it. Keep up the good work


Sounds like so much fun. I live in NJ about 30 minutes outside of the city and absolutely love it. It's the greatest city in the world because it has so many personalities and TONS to do for everyone. I hope you end up working there, you will love living there!


You did a great job photographing the Alice In Wonderland statue. I have sat in front it for at least an hour to get a pic w/o people climbing on it. A NYC must…Alice's Teacup.