NEW YORK CITY part one

You may have seen on my twitter account or tumblr, but this weekend I went to NEW YORK CITY!
My family used to go all the time, but I haven’t been back in years.  This was the only weekend where I didn’t have any obligations (i.e. crew)… so I planned the trip in super short notice.
I went all by myself… and didn’t meet up with any body while there.  It was weird.  And nice.  And lonely.  All at once.
 Well, here’s the absolute only picture of myself during the trip.  I’m not one to ask a random person to take a picture of my lonesome self. Haha… probably the only downside to the entire trip.
On Friday night, I went to go see Mary Poppins.  It definitely was good, but it was not my favorite show.  I will say though, however, that my sister’s chorus did an unbelievably good job during their performance of it in high school.  ***Shout out to all my Rick’s Cafe kids.***
I will admit, I spent most of my time just walking up and down the streets.  (My feet are proof… my blisters have blisters.)  This is another Rick’s Cafe memory… Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!!
 Ooooh, I just LOVED all the fall decor.  I’m not a huge fan of tacky decorations… but pumpkins were everywhere and fabulous!  There was this one house, oh how I wish I had taken a picture.  It was INSANELY decorated.  Like, cartoon characters, lights, cobwebs, pumpkins, bats, ev-er-y-where.  
 As per Fordham Prepster’s recommendation, I spent a good portion of Saturday morning in the Met.  You could spend days in there and constantly see something new.  It’s incredible.
 Oh, what’s that??? An entire store dedicated to crewcuts???
I wish Little V was with me!  We would have had so much fun trying on all the clothes together.  So cute.
 This is one picture I got before getting yelled at… hehe…
And then…..
 The Lilly store!!!
 The entire store was FUN and BRIGHT and everything you’d expect from Lilly…… but maybe not.  The actual store and decor were tres chic, but the girls working there were HORRENDOUS.  They stood in the back of the store chatting up a storm.  And they weren’t saying very nice things.  I was actually disappointed.  Did I buy anything? NOPE.  The clothes were not enticing in the least.  Maybe some of the dresses were “cute,” but not $350 cute.
The prints going down the stairway were so fun!
And the hand paintings hidden throughout the store were really fun to read…. they reminded me a bit of Eloise!  
Part II tomorrow!

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Sounds like so much fun!!!! This is something I would do!!! I love being on my own sometimes. I hate rude sales people good for you for not buying anything!


My last 2 trips to New York I've spent the majority of the trip alone, shopping, walking, exploring. I wish I had known you were going-two of my best blog friends (turned real life friends) were there too (Danielle and Jill).


I was just in a Lilly store last week in Florida. Great sales clerk but alas, the store was not so cute. That bummed me out incredibly. We should switch the staff out with Floridians in New York….per I mean prepfection! Have a Terrific Tuesday…

Mrs. Kindergarten

Preppy Girl Meets World

I adore the Met. And all of NY. I cannot wait to go back. I love that dress that you have on. I'm sorry to hear that the Lilly girls weren't very nice. I have always had great experiences there.


that sounds like so much fun!
ive been to the NYC Lilly store as well…
the staff really is rude.


Totally agree with you on the Lilly staff in the NYC store. I went there earlier in the month to buy a dress and they all just seemed very detached and snobby. Hopefully corporate will do something about that.

Glad you had an otherwise great time!


I own that Lilly dress! Its my absolute favorite & I never thought to wear it this time of year. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try it with a black crewneck!


Sadly I have found Lily to be heading down hill…. Glad to hear i'm not the only one. The fall decor picture is BEAUTIFUL!

Moonlight Serenade

Looks like so much fun! It would be weird going by myself, but it would still be fun in a lot of ways. It's such a romantic city with so much history and age to it. I'd feel overwhelmed with places I would want to go, but it looks like you had a nice little schedule.


I don’t even know how I stumbled on this post but I did and oh my gosh! Talk about a throwback. You’ve raised the bar on your photography (haha). 😉 Time flies!