J. Crew Factory Store Online

I have a million pair of fun patterned socks from J. Crew (and GAP).
They’re honestly my favorite part about wearing boots!!!  No one knows how ridiculous my socks look underneath!  [I never never never never never wear two different socks though.]
I wear them so often, that most of mine are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.  I blame my bean boots- they rub my heel a lot.
Someone on my tumblr suggested that I look for more socks on the J. Crew factory online store.
(For those that don’t know, J. Crew offers factory items online over the weekend… it’s epic.)
A few of the pairs I picked up…. Fabulous no?
 Well, my J. Crew mittens from my senior year of high school have finally been deemed unwarm.  They’re perfect for texting however.  Please not the holes in the thumb.  Those holes are not supposed to be there.
Woo!  Found replacements online!  I am loving the darker grey.  Reminds me of a sock monkey!
Hmmmm…. So somehow I got a pair of pajama bottoms shipped to me.  And I didn’t order them.  But they were my size…. and they’re cute.  And I was looking for a pair of warm pajamas.  So they’re staying here.  How cute do they go with my polka dot socks???

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Sometimes J.Crew hits the perfect prep notes… and then other times- it's such a far miss that I wonder if they even remember their original vision of prep with a twist. Love, love, love the pjs, socks and the polish (even though they aren't in this post)! Especially BBF, equisite color 🙂