I was super self-conscious about how white my legs were.  I can get tan…. but only after one or two terrible sunburns followed by months and months of gradually building up some color.
Coxing in Florida allowed me to get tan over a long period of time, but it just doesn’t happen here in DC.  I was worried about wearing shorts and having pasty legs.  So, I took some advice from Sporty Sister.
(I’d just like to point out that it is completely unfair it is that she was somehow blessed with gorgeous olive skin, and I am whiter than a sheet of paper…….. #whatever)
Sporty Sister is obsessed with Jergens (casually referred to as “jergs” in the College Prepster household) and she uses it in between tanning sessions at the beach or on the boat.
If it worked for her, it must work for me.
Guess what….
It’s totally not orangey and builds up.  I’m by no means “tan,” but I’m certainly not white anymore.
My recommendations….
It says it gets to full color over 3 days, but after day 3 I was looking a little “fake.”  I would do two days on, one day off, two days on, one day off…. etc.
I’ve also only used it on my legs, but I think it should work well elsewhere!
Has anyone else tried it?  Results?  Like/Dislike?
PS Proof that I can (under certain circumstances) be tan…..
And no…. I’m not wearing a sock.

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My mom loves it but my skin is just too pale to be helped. I'm SUPER careful and I still look blotchy and orange. 🙁 I'm embracing my pale skin and keeping it in great condition!


I LOVE Jergs! (We call it that in my house, as well.) My brother and sister took after my mom and got her Mediterranean olive skin tone, while, sadly, I took after my daddy and his pale Irish roots. Jergs owns ALL for me. (Actually, I need to go out and buy a new bottle…)

Alexandra Leigh

I absolutely loveee it. I'm super fair, but the lightest one did nothing for me. I switched to the medium skin tone one and LOVE the results. Kroger/Frys [west coast] also just started carrying a generic version of Jergs at a fraction of the price.

Rachel from Love a la Mode

Ummm I use it all the time!!! I'm extremely light and I love how it doesn't look like I rolled around in doritos. I posted pics from my sorority formal a few days ago… my tan is the result of 3 layers of application in the 24 hours before formal. I procrastinated, but it always works like a charm anyway! The only thing I don't like about it (well mostly my boyfriend complains about) is the smell. It's great for any pre-pool party necessity!


I am right there with you with being pasty white. I have used Jergs before and I love it! I should go get some more before I go to the beach….and some sunscreen before I turn into a lobster 🙂


I'm a fair maiden living in a world of tanned people…no joking,most of my friends have olive skin and look always tanned even in the deepest of winter and I can't get a little bit of colour even spending 2 weeks at the sea…plus i have dark hair so I look even paler than my sisters, who are more fair than me…but they are blond so they look so healthy and pink…soo sad! But,how ironic,once people would have done everything to have pale complexion… thinking of it makes me feel somehow proud of my skin…that means that I don't get tanned not only because I can't…but because I don't want to 😛


What color do you use? I think mine is for fair but I have never gotten around to doing it for the whole 3 days 😛 So I'm not sure if it works but I do love it either way just because it's so natural! I will try it out again 🙂

jillian :: cornflake dreams.

carly! i JUST bought this stuff yesterday!! SO happy that it works! i got the fair to medium bc right now im bright white 🙂 i used to tan but i gave up the bed over a year ago (SO happy that i did!) but it has been a challenge accepting my new pale skin 🙂 i just want a little glow so i think this lotion will be perfect. 🙂 xoxo jillian


I love this stuff!! Although last year I got a bottle that said "fair," and this year's bottle says "fair to medium," so the color doesn't deposit as gradual as I would like it to.

Portuguese Prepster

Love this stuff! I'm actually a big of Neutrogena's tanning product as well. I like my fair skin but during the Summer I like a bit of color and I must say spray tanning is the way to go!!!


I'm as white as they come– like you I only get tan after it's a burn! But I love Jergens and also rotate with one day on, one day off. They really are the best when it comes to gradual color!


You should use the L'oreal mist. I've used Jergens for years, but this spring break I switched. The L'oreal mist smells 1000xs better and does not streak!


I am just as pale, and I get so self-conscious about walking to class with my white legs exposed! I have had terrible experiences with Jergens, as even with the fairest shade, it's such a drastic (and unrealistic) departure from my skin color.
I went to Blue Mercury on M a few weeks ago and found a Skin Bronze by Darphin, which works like magic. No orange, no screaming "my tan is fake." It costs a good deal more than Jergens, but then again so would my dignity if I were caught looking orange.


I have always been a fan of jergens! I recently was in a pinch and had to bare my legs after a rainy virginia spring, and a friend suggested that I try the one for darker skin even though I'm fair. It was amazing! It still didn't look fake at all, and I only had to apply it once I week.


I've always had the best luck with the Jergs! I've tried countless other self-tanning products, but they are my favorite lotion by far. The Neutrogena spray (I'm forgetting the name offhand) works wonders too – I try to rotate between both to get even coverage.


This is all I use now when it comes to tanning!!! I grew up on the beach and always had lots and lots of sunscreen on, but I still have sun damage. Now I will only go out with a hat and coverup on. I miss my tan, but at least the jergs works!!!!


LOVE Jergs! I have started using the foam instead of the lotion and it is a true gem! Us fair ladies gotta do what we can 🙂


I swear by it! I'm half Irish, half Greek so I get VERY tan in the summer but during the school year, I look sick (like, actually ill) when I'm super pale so Jergens is the way to go!


I might have to get myself some of this! I'm just about the palest person to walk this Earth and for me, any attempt at tanning is always a hopeless effort. I rowed in a regatta this past weekend, and, while many of my teammates returned home with lovely bronze and olive skin, I came back with my face sunburned and the rest of my body whiter than anything. Thanks for the suggestion!


Yeah! I use it on my arms and legs in between seasons, the only problem is if you don't exfoliate it gets blotchy but not orange, and if you already have a tan built up it works great!


I definitely need to try it; my cousin Liz and my friend Zoë use it and they both look fabulous! Glad to hear more good reports on it.

Tatum Rose

I just bought some Jergens after class today and came home and saw your post! Too funny! Us pale girls have some tricks up our sleeves 😉


Can anyone comment as to whether this gets on clothes? I would love to self tan and save my skin from the sun, but I greatly fear getting orange on my clothing!! I also sweat a lot, which is gross, I know, but something to consider with my question re: getting on clothing!


I love this! I always use the "firming" one because it has a hint of glitter in it 🙂

one thing I notice is that after 3 days for me, my knees and elbows get patchy. I suggest moisturizing first- this doesn't replace lotion or moisturizer!

Also, @Ann, this doesn't leave much residue on clothes. It does a slight amount, but it's not noticeable and it washes off right away. The 3 day express (it's more of an instant tanner) however does- really bad actually. but it also washes out quick!

I want to try the L'Oreal Sublime gelee… it looks fun to apply!