Confessions of a College Prepster- Day 3

Okay, I know this is super, super short… but I didn’t have time to write a full episode. I need to keep Adelaide a little bit more up to date!

I also want to reiterate that this is FICTION. Adelaide and I have similarities and some of the same quirks (e.g. I totally use my American Girl alarm clock still), but I am NOT her. A couple of kids at Georgetown were convinced I was recounting my first few days at Georgetown… not the case though.


Confessions of a College Prepster Day 3

My BBM Conversation with Mom: 10:27 PM Adelaide: style=1.5 days of orientation is too much. Crazyyyy Mom: Miss you! Adelaide: I wish I were home.

Mom: You’ve been there for 2 days, give it some time Addie Adelaide: I even miss you calling me Addie

Mom: What are you doing tonight? Adelaide: Trying not to faint…

Mom: Don’t be dramatic. It’s just the first day of class… you’ll be fine.

I’m feeding my printer paper a sheet at a time. Technology is most definitely not my friend. It wasn’t working properly earlier, so I gave it a very gentle tap. The tray completely snapped off. I’m convinced it’s a sign, which only adds to my anxiety. Gigi looks up and laughs. She’s on a video conference with her boyfriend. She’s been on the computer with him for 76 minutes already. Confession: The constant giggling and flirting is beginning to get to me. It was adorable at first, but now I’m annoyed.

The final page of my last syllabus falls to the carpet. I swoop it up and staple the seven pages together and slip the packet into a plastic sheet protector. My Monday/Wednesday/Friday binder is ready to go. With a black sharpie, I write my name, dorm room, cell phone, and email address on the front flap of my Tuesday/Thursday binder.

I close my eyes and do a mental run through of my day tomorrow tracing my path around campus according to my schedule. I don’t want to be late to the first day! Outside the window, two boys are carrying a keg of beer and are being followed by fourteen (or so) scantily dressed girls. Even though I know I need the fresh air to save me from absolutely passing out, I walk over and close the window.

My first day outfit is all laid out: J. Crew madras skirt, white Lacoste polo, and a navy cardigan. I am still debating between wearing brown ballet flats or navy sandals. I try both on and pick the flats even though they give my baby toes blisters. I set my Blackberry alarm and the American Girl alarm clock (that I’ve had since fourth grade) and then change in my pajamas.

I’ve stored my face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in a Lilly travel case. I grab it and head down the hall to the bathroom. I’m shuffling along in my cable knit slippers and run right into something. The something just happens to be Luke.

“I like your pajama bottoms.”

“Umm… thank you,” I respond meekly. I am so thankful I wore my Vineyard Vines lazy pants. Just as quickly as we bumped into each other, we parted ways. Confession: I’m getting more used to the idea of sharing a bathroom!!!

Since Gigi is still talking to her boyfriend, I quickly slip into bed. I remind myself to take a few deep breaths. I run through my schedule once more in my head, walk through my mental map of campus, and check my alarms. Confession: I re-check my alarms three times before I finally drift to sleep.

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Ahhh!!! I have been waiting for Luke to reappear!!! I have him pictured in my mind already…very cute , great smile with gorgeous white teeth, tall, dark hair, beautiful tan and athletic build. He might be a surfer. Can't wait to meet Luke as you continue on. Even though this is fiction, I always have the story characters come to life!!! That's why I love to read!!!


Does anyone think Luke will turn out to be closeted? I ask because I'm a very preppy girl and this has happened to me at Georgetown…multiple times 🙁 🙁


Just read all of the segments and while I started a diehard fan I mean, a little enthusiasm has worn off.

The campus reminds me of my college, Sewanee and so that is kind of funny. But with any campus of that nature, here's undoubtedly a… how shall I say… catty aspect. I'm waiting for that part.

One thing that feels kind of weird is she does seem a little bit childish. It's not the ribbons because I know some people who wear the most childish outfits but have the most maturity, it's just her thought process. Then again she could be really sheltered.

Lastly, whereas I LOVED the little "confession" thing at first, I would encourage you to use them sparingly and wisely. Too many can become awkward and seem as if you're trying to hard.

Other than that though, Love it. I look forward to new parts 🙂