Kind of obsessed

I could spend hours walking up and down the aisle of CVS picking out toothbrushes and toothpaste. It’s more than a little strange.

Every time I go to CVS I buy a new toothbrush. I just have to for some reason. I brush my teeth way too much over the course of the day… (I’ve even written a paper on how the toothbrush was the best invention for mankind… dental hygiene!!!!)

My parents are in town for the regatta this weekend (yay!) so of course I dragged them to CVS so I didn’t have to pay for it… I know, I know… the pathetic life of a college student.

Well hello there super cute toothbrushes. How could I leave without these?!? I can’t wait to use them!

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Miss Sweet Tea

That's my toothbrush! The one with the grass and tulip!! My pack came with an argyle patterned one as well so I gave it to my boyfriend! It's so cute when we are brushing our teeth at the same time and we match…ha!

Lula Mae

Just found your blog; those are super cute!!!!!

When you get a chance, please check out my blog, and perhaps enter my giveaway…who couldn't use a fun chick lit read or a B&N gift card 🙂

Jenna Rose Stern

must have! never saw those at my cvs- i will look out for them. I have so many things to shop for now that i know where im going to college! is it bad that im more excited to shop for college than college its self ? LOL


those are super cute!! I don't always buy a new toothbrush, but I brush my teeth constantly as well! The tooth brush is one of the greatest inventions of mankind! lol! Have a great day! xoxo


omgoodness!! I LOVE these! As a future dentist (less than one month til graduation)…I must say that I highly approve of your obsessive brushing habits! Yay for you!…now I've got to run to CVS and pick up some of those cuties! haha


Those are too cute! …and I thought the pink and green one I found this weekend was adorable…these beat out mine, hands down!