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It’s so funny how where you live influences what you wear. I definitely have a personal style and it carries through everything I love to wear, whether I’m at home (wherever that might be) or traveling. However, I still take into account where I am. It’s partially a practical thing: Am I somewhere outdoorsy and need sturdier shoes or am I in a city where I’m walking a lot and need comfortable, and still cute, flats? But if I’m being honest, I’m definitely influenced a bit by the overall style of where I am.

I moved from a pretty suburban life back to a pretty urban town. Without realizing it, I think my wardrobe and what I reach for on a daily basis has definitely shifted a bit back towards city vibes. And what’s more New York than an all-black outfit?! It’s obviously still my style, hello bows and scallops, but it blends in a bit more.

All black is also just super easy as requires very little thought/planning and it can work in different environments pretty seamlessly, which is important for me if I have a full day planned in New York City. I might need to go from a meeting to a coffee shop followed by an event later.

I felt like this was a pretty modern Audrey Hepburn outfit, perfect for an on-the-go day in the city. Easy tank, chic black jeans, comfortable flats, and (of course) a little black bag.

While you can’t go wrong with any kate spade new york bag, this convertible Byrdie bag is so smart. You start with what looks like your typical handbag, but with a few easy changes, you have yourself an entirely new look. I’m all about versatility in my wardrobe and love when I can wear something at least a few different ways as it ensures that I make the most out of my wardrobe. The “Make It Mine” Byrdie fits right in!

Preppy Audrey Hepburn Outfit

Right now kate spade new york is running a promotion on the Make It Mine collection and if you’re in the market for a classic bag, don’t miss it. You essentially end up with four different bags for under $300! Add the Byrdie bag and three flaps, then use the code “MAKEITMINE” at checkout.

Kate Spade Byrdie

From left to right: (1) Make It Mine Pearl Chain Strap (2) Make It Mine Stripe Flap (3) Make It Mine Bow Flap (4) Make It Mine Stripe Flap + Scalloped Strap

Isn’t it crazy how the bag suddenly takes on a whole new look with just one or two changes? It’s super simple to swap out the flaps and straps. For the straps, you just unhook the one you have on and swap it out. For the flap, there are two hidden snaps on the back of the handbag where you can attach and detach the flaps. It takes less than 10 seconds (I timed it! Check out my Instagram story later today!) to make the change.

Carly Heitlinger

Among the options, it has everything that I love: stripes, pearls, scallops, and bows!! The pearl strap and bow flap have been my favorites though. The pearls on the strap are so subtle, but ultimately “pop” against a black outfit. It’s the slightest hint of pizazz without going over the top.

Preppy Audrey Hepburn Outfit Kate Spade Handbag Review Kate Spade Convertible Bags

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Byrdie Bag (c/o) // Striped Flap (c/o) // Bow Flap (c/o) // Pearl Chain (c/o) // Scalloped Strap (c/o)

Thank you kate spade new york for sponsoring this post.

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Jessica from What To Style

Loving this effortlessly chic outfit! The scalloped top matching those scalloped flat shoes are so charming, also I really liked that pearl chain bag, so lovely! ❤

Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
Instagram @ what_to_style


That bag is so cute, I love how the look can change so quickly!

I tried adding the bag and three flaps to my cart online and using the promo code but it said the code is “Not Applicable.” I’m so bummed, it would have been cool to get such a customizable bag!

Shannon Mahaney

I love how you style this outfit to match perfectly with the bag! I love things that have a lot of variety with how you can wear it and this bag is perfect for that.

brigid Devney-Rye

You look particularly wonderful. I don’t normally like all black but I really like the way this looks on you. Perfect for your coloring.

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

You look lovely, Carly! And that bag is so cool 🙂
My style is also influenced by the place where I live, I believe it’s related to dressing appropriately too. As much as I’d like to dress like a California girl, it doesn’t make much sense in Madrid 😉


The promo code isn’t working for me! Can you please double check the code and if there are any restrictions? I added the bag and three flaps but I didn’t receive a discount.