Some Nantucket Outfits

I’m in denial that it’s August! June went by pretty fast and July absolutely flew. I was lying in bed the other night and realized that I still have so many photos from Nantucket to share. I did do some full outfits but also had some one-off shots here and there of things I wore throughout the week.

Lilly Coverup

This was my favorite photo from the entire trip. Hamilton is the biggest snuggler and loves nothing more than being held. In fact, he is so spoiled and refuses to walk most of the time, opting to be carried. (It’s really fun 🙄). My hat is Peter Beaton (but I share how you can make your own in this post) and Ham is wearing this little handkerchief. My dogs are both so tiny that I actually buy one and just cut it in half for the two of them.

I so wish this coverup was still available. I’ve been living in it this summer. I bought it during last year’s giant Lilly sale. It was on sale for $34 and legit the best thing. The name of it is “Shel Hooded Cover-Up” if you want to hunt for one online.

V-Neck J. Crew Bathing SuitThis navy v-neck swimsuit remains one of my most worn. You simply can’t go wrong with it. I also brought these Turkish towels (on sale right now!!!) along to Nantucket for the beach. These are so lightweight and dry you off in a jiff.

Lake Pajamas

Can we talk about this front porch?? I kept saying to everyone how this made me want a house that much more. I loved sitting out there every morning with my coffee and a book. I brought along my Lake Pajamas. I have a problem when it comes to pajamas and I can’t seem to have enough. These are in my handful of favorites– the Pima cotton makes them incredibly soft. I have XSs and Smalls in the pajamas and honestly both work, but if you’re in between sizes I’d go up!

Mott 50 Swimsuit

As if I didn’t pack enough bathing suits for the trip, I ended up getting peer pressured into trying this suit on at Skinny Dip. I thought I was going to hate it so I humored everyone… and then I loved it! Mott50 is known for their sun-safe clothing; the bathing suit has UPF 50 protection. I’ve been trying to keep my chest out of the sun as much as possible to prevent aging… and this suit couldn’t be better for that. I am usually a 0 Long or 2 Regular in one-pieces and went with the small in this for a perfect fit!

Nantucket Rental

Such a fun group to travel with! I’m wearing this J. Crew dress– more photos to come!

Striped Oxford Shirt Dress

And last but not least, a photo in front of the world’s best driveway. Hydrangea Heaven! I’m wearing this dress from KJP that I’ve had for a couple of years, a similar belt to this, my Peter Beaton hat, and my go-to white Jacks.

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A Girl, A Style

You honestly look like you belong on Nantucket! Love all of these looks so much + these photos are giving me *all* of the Nantucket longings…!

Briony xx