Cookie Baking Class at DŌ

I was looking through a list I had made about things I wanted to do in NYC during the summer. One of the things that I have been dying to do but just hadn’t gotten around to it was visiting DŌ in New York City. The bakery “went viral” in the past couple of years for making edible cookie dough that is completely safe to eat. I sometimes can’t resist taking a pinch of cookie dough while baking cookies, even though I know better. I love the idea that you can just buy cookie dough ready to eat.

For a while, the store was SO popular that it would have lines wrapped around the block. I stood in line for cronuts once and kind of got the “stand in a super long line for a trendy NYC dessert” out of my system. I’d still say that DŌ is popular, but the lines aren’t nearly as long anymore.

I thought that instead of just eating the cookie dough, it would be more fun to take one of their classes and my friend Meghan came along for the fun. The class itself was about an hour long and we made both cookies and the famous DŌ. We each took home six cookies and two containers of the cookie dough. It’s a little expensive for a short class where you basically just mix everything together, but it’s still a fun experience. If you’re ever in New York City and want something fun to do with friends, relatives, or significant others, I always recommend finding some kind of baking/cooking class. I’ve done a BUNCH over the years (everything from dumplings to full three-course meals) and I always find them to be a good time.

Even if you can’t take the class, I still recommend swinging by the location for something sweet. Every flavor of the cookie dough that I tried was delicious and the cookies themselves were legit the best cookies I’ve ever had.

Chocolate Chip Cookies NYC

The first thing we did in the class was form pre-made dough into balls with an ice cream scoop. We added even more sprinkles and chocolate chips on top. We also made a few that were half sugar cookie and half chocolate chip. They went into the oven to bake while we made the DŌ. (The cookies were still warm when I put them into my takeaway box. As you can tell from the photo above, I couldn’t resist breaking off a small bite to sample before heading home.)


Next, we started to make the cookie dough. We added all of the premeasured ingredients into the KitchenAid mixing bowl (Meghan and I picked the hot pink one!). The fun part was that everyone was able to create their own special DŌ by adding different mix-ins. One girl in our group added a scoop of Nutella and it turned the cookie dough into the most gorgeous, rich chocolate color. I kept things SUPER simple with just sprinkles and dark chocolate chips. Everyone named their creations…. I went with “Extra Basic.” 😉

Edible Cookie Dough

Cookie DO


Cookie DO NYCI sampled the s’mores and brownie batter DŌ– couldn’t choose a favorite. But I will say, a bite or two is plenty. They’re super, super sweet and I left the class with a sugar high and a stomachache haha.

Wit and Whimsy

I filmed a few clips for my Instagram Story but thought it’d be fun to share here too.

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Thanks, Carly!! This looks so cute and delicious!! I am definitely going to stop in the next time I feel like venturing into the city! And love love the headbands they make you wear for the class! Super cutes!! 💕🍪💕

Libby 💕😊


I love DO! Their cookie dough is seriously the best I’ve ever had. My friend and I waited in line for about an hour last summer but it was actually worth it. Hopefully the lines will be shorter next time I’m in NYC, but I will be eating it either way.


Fun fact! I LOVE cookie dough and actually buy it from the grocery store and don’t even make the cookies–I just eat the dough. I KNOW for years people have said that you shouldn’t eat it raw, but actually…in the States, it’s pretty much completely safe. All eggs and egg products that are sold in the US are FDA required to be pasteurized. So while there is always a SLIGHT risk of Salmonella, don’t feel guilty for eating it raw…its worse for you in terms of sugar than the chance you’re going to get sick! 🙂

Katy Whatley

Love this! Can’t wait to try this place out one day. Love your recommendation for cooking classes in NYC for tourists. Do you have any suggestions other than this one?