My At-Home Facial

I have been pretty great about taking care of my skin lately. I drink plenty of water. I get enough sleep. I never go to bed with makeup. I (pretty much always) moisturize before bed.

But last week, my skin was not great. At all. I didn’t have breakouts necessarily (my usual skin culprit), but it was super dry and very, very rough. My cheeks and skin around my jawbone felt like sandpaper. I think because it’s been so hot, I have been extra sweaty (ugh) and the salt from the sweat was drying out my skin. Well, that’s my theory at least because it seemed to have come out of nowhere.

It felt awful and while it didn’t look so bad by just looking at it, makeup didn’t look great.


I considered going to get an actual facial, but I didn’t feel like spending a ton of money. So I decided to give myself a facial at home. I figured if my skin didn’t improve, I could always go to a professional, but I wanted to give it a try. IT WORKED. Like, really well. I didn’t notice a huge difference right away, but when I woke up the next morning, it was like night and day. Literally the next day, I did an Instagram story and like 10 people asked what products I was using for my skin. I wanted to share the at-home facial I did in case you wanted to try it at home. I’m sharing the exact products I used, however, I think you could swap in your favorite products and things you have on hand.

At Home Facial

Step One. Steam in Shower

You when you’re at an official facial and they steam your face? I don’t have any at-home steaming tools, so I started with a hot shower. I figured that the steam from the shower would be a good substitute.

Step Two. Cleanse

It’s no secret that I love this cleanser. I LOVE it. It is, in my humble opinion, the best cleanser on the market. It’s been one of the best things to help clear my skin and it even removes makeup, which makes face washing so quick and easy.

I have purchased a ton of the bottles of cleansers over the years, but Fresh knows that I love it so they refresh my stash every once in a while!

Step Three. Exfoliate

I got this product as part of a FabFitFun box I received. It is incredible. I actually keep one in the shower in addition to the one under my sink so I can use it in the shower. For the at-home facial, I tried to be even more methodical and thorough than usual, focusing especially on my cheeks and jawline. You really don’t need much product at all and it’s important not to be too rough because the microdermabrasion can irritate the skin.

Step Four. Exfoliating Face Mask

Okay, this is a face mask that I’ve had for a while. I hadn’t used it in a while and I forgot just how great it is. Just a warning though, it’s tough to get off. It works SO WELL, but you have to take your time to remove it. It’s an exfoliating mask, so when you wash it off, use circular motions while rinsing. And then once you have exfoliated and gotten off as much as you can, I recommend soaking a washcloth in warm water to wipe the rest of it off.

I also received this in a press mailer from Tula and will purchase on my own when I run out.

Step Five. Serum

This is my favorite serum. I love the whole mushroom line and feel like it’s as close to magic as it gets for skincare. I used it pretty liberally, again, focusing on my problem areas. I used more than I would on a regular day so I’d have to massage it in before it was fully absorbed by my skin.

Origins also knows how much I love the mushroom line so they send me new bottles every once in a while!

Step Six.  Jade Roller

I’ve blogged about this jade roller before and I’m not sure that it really does much. BUT, it feels amazing. I put it in the freezer before I started the beginning of the process so it’d be nice and cold when I went to use it. Most of the serum was absorbed by now, but I used the cold jade roller on my slightly damp skin. I can’t describe how amazing this felt. I pulled up Youtube and mindlessly watched videos while I rolled it. I did this until the jade roller lost the chill (it actually started to warm up eventually).

I received this as part of a big press mailer, but I can’t remember which brand sent it or what the brand of the jade roller is, so I linked to a similar one from Amazon.

Step Seven. Vitamin C Concentrate

I use this concentrate at least once a day, so I reapplied it after the jade rolling. I just do a dab around my eyes and then a swipe across my forehead.

I got my first bottle of this as part of a sponsored campaign, but I’ve loved it so much that I re-purchased it when I ran out.

For the rest of the day, I just worked from home. My skin was definitely glowing in a dewy, very moisturized kind of way. Since I worked from home, I went makeup free and did my best not to touch my face all day. Not pictured, but before I went to bed, I also used my favorite moisturizer. I went extra heavy with the moisturizer and fell asleep on my back so as not to disturb it. I woke up with picture perfect (literally) skin and the roughness was completely gone.

At-home facial aside, I am a big fan of face masks in general and would love to know if you have a favorite one in your routine?

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If you haven’t tried the Fresh Black Tea Mask (the day one) aka the mashed potato mask (it has such a funny consistency that’s weirdly addictive), you need to! It’s pricey, but every time I use it, I get compliments on my skin!


I liked the post, thank you for walking us through your at-home facial routine. 🙂 (There’s one typo, I think you meant “with” instead of “without” make-up.) Have a nice Sunday!


I really love the green Glossier mask and the Dr. Dennis Gross daily peels. I get the five lack and use one when I do an at home facial. I’m currently looking for a moisturizer mask – I’ve heard great things about the jet lag one but haven’t tried it.


I use Lush’s Herbalism face scrub in the shower a few times a week and that really helps with breakouts and my combo of oily & dry skin. Thanks for the tips, I’ve been wanting to try a jade roller!


Amazon has a good jade roller for about. $40, not the cheapest but it was an “amazon best seller” for a while. I wouldn’t recommend going too much cheaper because you want to make sure the material is actual jade. There are some rose quartz rollers as well but not sure how much those are.


I bought Origins Night a mins after seeing it on your blog and I agree that it’s seriously the best moisturizer out there! I always keep coming back to it even when I try another moisturizer. Also loving the Kiehl’s vitamin c serum and origins mushroom mask!