Cool Down With These Drinks

I’ve been going out to lunch and dinner with friends in the city and we’ve all pretty much decided that we have a very small appetite. It’s just simply too hot to want to eat a ton. Bowls of the freshest salads and vegetables and sliced fruit is all we can pretty much handle. Seriously. (Kale, avocado, and mangos are my go-tos!
I pulled together some really delicious recipes for refreshing drinks. Yum.
I really love lemonade, but especially when it’s mixed (read: toned down) with another drink. Arnold Palmers? Pretty much the best. Strawberry lemonades are always a great treat for the summertime, but with the little pop of mint, this recipe is even more refreshing!

Ginger-anything is my jam. Ginger snaps, ginger ale, ginger chews… anything and everything ginger. This recipe is the first one I want to try!

Rosewater is the perfect combination of sweetness and deliciousness. I think this would be something great to make a big batch of and keep in the refrigerator for every afternoon!
This was made for the Fourth of July, but honestly I think it’s great for celebrating every day. A splash of gin and you’re ready for even more fun.
When I went on a juice cleanse, one of the juices I had was watermelon. It was a little strange at first. (It certainly didn’t taste at all like what I thought it would. But I found it to be super refreshing. It was way easier to drink than the other juices because it was so light. I would definitely love to try this one!
Do you have a favorite refreshing drink for the summer?


PS I’ve pretty much entirely switched to iced coffees and lattes (I like hot coffee in the morning still) … We are certainly in the peak of the heat!
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These all look delish and the perfect refresher for the heat! My favorite drink for the summer is definitely strawberry lemonade!



Stephanie Bartolomé

Strawberry + ginger sounds like a marvelous combination! I've been really into whiskey lemonades. It's WAYYYY too hot to drink whiskey straight right now. My fridge is stocked with different fruit flavored waters, too. They're incredibly refreshing and so easy to customize!

H. Thiers

My favorite refreshing drink is pink lemonade! I know it is simple, but it is so good:)


Rachel Medlock

Oh my goodness, these sound perfect for the heat wave we've been having! I love making a drink using seltzer water, mint, cilantro, cucumber, lime, and ginger served over ice. It is my version of a detox beverage, and does wonders for your skin! It looks pretty with all the fresh green ingredients, too. I can give the recipe to anyone interested!

Suppose Anything Goes