12 Hours

“So much happens in 12 hours with you ;)” text from a friend after three maaaaaajor updates.
Yesterday, I spent half of the afternoon fending off a pretty bad migraine. Long meetings, extraordinarily hot days, and a hefty dose of feeling like you’re not in control can do that do you. I walk this oddly fine line of holding myself to high standards, while not putting too much pressure on myself. Well, I’m learning along the way at least.
When the migraine was finally over, I had to crank out work, but I was feeling drained. I was up until 2am getting through emails and dealing with Dropbox malfunctions. I finally called it quits and went to bed… praying for a better day.
I got even more than I bargained for.
Today rocked.
The panel that I spoke on was amazing. I loved getting to meet everyone and hear the other panelist’s stories… and I loved getting to know some of you who came afterwards! And I’m so thankful for my friends for coming and supporting me!
It really means more to me than I can even possibly begin to describe.
Thank you.

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Stephanie Bartolomé

I found out about the event a few hours before it happened and I'd already made plans for Local Levo! I'm so glad today was so amazing for you. Watching you succeed so much throughout the years is has been truly inspiring.


I so glad you had a better day today and that the panel went great! I wished I went to school in New York so I could've gone.




I am glad you had a good day. I suffer from migraines. They are horrible. I wanted to compliment you on your manners and poise. Thank you for not crossing your legs,on stage. Many ladies do not know it is not appropriate to cross their legs. Good for you!